My new precious … Darth Vader 2005 holiday exclusive (SWshop)

Like I mentioned earlier, like a thousand times, I like Star Wars.
Comics, novels and figures is what I collect.

One of my lastest additions is the Christmas holiday 2005 (StarWars Shop Exclusive) Darth Vader. And ever beter, it’s in pristine condition, MOC like they say.

I only paid about 28$ for it, shipping to Belgium (EU) included. A bargain if you ask me.

Darth Vader in red.

The problem with Star Wars figures is the fact there’s so many of them. Collecting them all would take a lifetime on Ebay, not to mention very costly. So I need a better battle plan. And after some thinking (it happens on occasion!) I decided to hunt for exclusives first. Getting all these will be a daunting task. Getting them all and relatively cheap will be like an epic quest.

Buying on Ebay is not the problem. You can pretty much find anything there, if you’re willing to cash up for it. And this is what makes hunting on Ebay such fun, if you look hard enough, and take your time, you can make some real bargains here and there.

Oh, lets throw in this picture as well. It’s my girlfriend holding my very first figure that got me started in collecting figures again. See all the other Star Wars *stuff* in the background? That’s just the beginning …

A Stormtrooper in good company.

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