Battle of the MMO’s

A friend of mine is trying to get me to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He’s been playing it for a while now, and he’s enjoying it a lot. The thing is, his playstyle differs a lot from mine, and his life situation is just completely opposite of mine. He has loads of time to play the sh*t out of games. He also streams a lot of his game on Twitch, so I’ve seen plenty FFXIV has to offer.

I’m still not convinced to be honest. FF XIV seems like a pretty game, the graphics and all that jazz. But it is a weird kind of game, and I’m not sure what to think of it. Seems like a serious grind to me.

I’ve been considering buying The Elder Scrolls Online, seeing how I liked Daggerfall, Morrowind and Skyrim. Playing ESO casually seems like a good idea, but then I watched Angry Joe’s review of the game, and it’s not a very good review. I challenge you to watch the review.



Master of Orion 2

Is still the masterpiece I remember. I picked it up during a Good Old Games sale a while ago, and it has been sitting idle all this time (along with a ton of other GoG games actually). I do that a lot. Buy these old classics on GoG during a sale period. Come on, a mere 1.99 $ for a computer game. Depending on the location, you spend more on a Coca Cola …

Anyway, playing Master of Orion 2 (MoO2) reminds me of the simple notion that modern 4x games still have a lot to learn. MoO2 is fast and very engaging. There is a lot of stuff to micromanage (if you prefer it that way), and the action is constant. Playing the game in strategic mode allows you to design your own ships, and this is where it really shines. It might take you some getting used to, but in all honesty it’s pretty straight-forward.


My playthrough at the moment.

My playthrough at the moment.

Don’t mind the weird effect on the picture, that’s just me messing with the Google+ settings (I like pressing needless buttons). So what is this all about? The upper right corner of the map is where my planets are located. TAURUS, TABEN, WOZ, SOL and WAG. All systems that I ‘own’ and have a colonized planet in. The current game is well on its way, as you can see I have explored most of the map and met all the other alien races (AI).

The stage set, some races have been busier than others, and borders have been drawn. Wars have been started and millions of sentient beings have been slaughtered. My race (Human) has been lucky to have sat out the grunt of the wars. I was turtled up in the right corner of the map, and was able to progress and colonize without much hassle. Because of this, I’ve been able to research and build a pretty advanced armada, and I have a reliable relationships with two other races ( the green and yellow marked planets) (every race has its own colour btw).

I had started this game as a test game actually, to get to know the game again. Maybe I’ll do a Lets play series, but on a higher difficulty.

Tried some WOW, stuff is still the same. The universe is safe.

I remembered without any reason what so ever (that happens a lot when you get older btw) that my brother gave me a 90 days WOW gametime code for my birthday last year. And it was still sitting in my mailbox doing nothing.

Sure I could have waited to use it for when Warlords goes live, but I’m a sucker for free stuff. And maybe it only lasts for a year? Would be a shame to loose a perfectly good game time code right?

So I did the usual stuff, checked different characters, jumped around, and then sat there deciding what to do. Not a good way to start 90 days of free game time.

It seemed like a good idea to play on my Hunter character, but I quickly burried that idea somewhere deep in the back of my mind. I’m not going to blame the Hunter class for the reason I stopped playing WOW, but dammit it comes pretty damn close.
Don’t rage on me now, I’m not saying the Hunter class is derp derp, and I’m sure in order to play one to its fullest potential in PVP or heroic raiding you need decent skills. I am talking about the way it plays out there in the world.

An example:

My keybinds were all messed up and I’m old and can’t remeber jack shit about which buttons to press and what not. So I am in Kara. Wilds doing some random leftover quest to get the zone completing achievement, and I see a rare on the radar. It was one of those Zandalari Warlord types. You know the ones, pretty hard hitting, a lot of HP, lots of crap to dodge etc.

Nahaaa, not for a Hunter. And I stress again, I was just pressing Mend Pet and some random DPS buttons I could find on my hotbars. It took a while, but eventually the sucker went down. Yeeha for the power. Imagine what I could do if I actually knew what I was doing?

But then it hit me, just like it hit me last time. Playing as a Hunter makes me feel dirty. As in cheating.

If you’re out there pwning away as a Hunter, don’t let me piss on your parade though. You go ahead and make it rain brother! More power to you. But ehm … come closer for a second. Yeah like that. A little more … Now let me ask you this …

((whisper )) ┬áDon’t you secretly feel the same when you’re zapping crap in the face while your pet is making the game easymode for you? I know you do. I can see it in your face … (( ))

But like I said, that’s just me, and you should never listen to strangers on the interwebs anyway.

So what’s next for me then?

Rogues finally get a change they were looking for many many expansions. Combo points are finally stored on the player instead of the target. Holy crap, I swear to god, I almost wet myself after reading that. Is it enough to make me want to play my Rogue again? Not sure. I always hate it how the Rogue class has to start a new expansion. And I hate it how melee keeps getting the finger from the Blizzard devs time after time.

Warriors are getting some changes to, abilities being ditched, and Protection gets a DPS button (Gladiator stance or something). This I like. I always enjoyed doing stuff (quests dailies etc) as a Protection Warrior. Being able to actually do that as ‘true’ DPS sounds very tempting.

Priests I haven’t read much about to be honest. Shadow lost its appeal to me a long time ago, and Priest healing annoyed me to death in MOP.

I’m interested in Druids and Mages, but that means leveling one, and dear god, I’d rather ** *** *** *** *** *** ***.

I admit, WOD is looking nice

I find myself reading about Warlords of Draenor a lot lately. And that is weird. I thought I was over World of Warcraft, but in all honesty, probably not.

The garrison thing sounds like a neat addition to the game. It reminds me of the duty officer system in Star Trek Online. Being able to build your own ‘town’ with NPC’s in it could be awesome.

There isn’t a lot to talk about because well, most information is based on the alpha and shiat, and we all know that can differ a lot from the actual stuff on release day. There is so much talk going on on various forums, but in the end, it’s all speculation.

Basically there is only one thing you can and must do as a gamer (consumer). You try it out, and if you don’t like it, you stop and go do something else. Ever since I stopped playing WOW some months ago, I have been doing exactly that. Been playing a lot of different games (single and multi player), and when I reach a point where I no longer am having fun, I just stop playing said game. Life has been a whole lot easier that way.

So maybe a return to World of Warcraft isn’t that horrible. As long as I personally honor a very important ideal along the way.

– Do not let myself get sucked in by the gear chase / raid progression thing. It is a game-killer (for me personally).

So in order to achieve this, and it’s actually harder than it seems, I will try and play WOW to blog about. Yep, that is correct. My reason to play is to blog about it. And maybe other games as well. Who knows? Meh …

Anyway, WOD …

* A return to Outland (kinda), time travel and Orcs. Okay, sounds weird, but then again, it’s Outland. Wii …

* Lots of stat and gear changes. Looking good to me, less askmrrobot, more playing. Wii …

* Garrisons. More personal immersion and phasing. I love phasing. Means less other player-heroes killing my immersion. Wii …

* Questing and flow a little different. More natural and out in the world, some phasing. Wii …

* Abilities and spells getting shafted. Finally.

* Numbers being squatted as well. Even more finally.

So up until now, I like what I’m reading about WOD. If Blizzard is now committed to bringing the fun instead of forced multiplayer then I am sold.


Trusty blog is still here

Some things in life are set in stone, as are WordPress blogs.

Stuff has happened, life has shifted, people change and on top of that, you get older and older. Man that sounded depressing …

What have I been up to?

World of Warcraft has been terminated for good (disclaimer: I have said this a 100 times already in the last couple of years). Maybe, just mini-me-maybe, I will give the next expansion a very casual try. I’m curious about the personal town / garrison thing, and the Burning Crusade thing redone sounds interesting.

Thing is however, we’ve (I) done it all a million times before. New zones, new art, new enemies, new dungeons and raids, new looks, new shinies, ‘new’ quests, new interactions, new loot, new stats … but in reality, not so very new.

I believe I have finally outgrown massive multiplayers. Due to a severe lack of time, a stessy job and a growing family, I just can’t commit myself to the time sink that is so ever present in the current mmo gaming industry.

I have for a small time played EVE Online, you can read my little blog I kept during that time over here at It might fancy you or it might not. I finally stopped playing EVE because it was sucking in to much of my attention. And I mean that in a bad bad way.
EVE Online is not just a game, it is a virtual life. It’s both amazing and annoying. And it is also very consuming of your time.

So for the rest, I am slowly playing some on my single player games I have sitting in my Steam or Good Old Games backlog for years. Games like Faster Than Light, Master of Orion 2, Distant Worlds, Space Empires 4 …

And even that is dying a slow death.

My wife and I are expecting our second child. The wife did a pregnancy test last week. About a month and a half ago (something) we finally made the decision to go for it, and then bam, I shoot and I score. First try, jackpot.

If life was Mortal Kombat, then I would have scored a flawless victory …

Ha ha ha. Look at this at urban dictionary.

” The pleasant and rare occasion in which after a long and sometimes stressful poo the wiper reveals a clean piece of toilet paper. No poo to speak of, it’s all in the toilet.
Person one: Wow that was a fast shit!
Person two: Flawless victory man! In and out! “

Ok, not what I had in mind at all. Never even knew about that definition :-).

League of Legends

Is actually nice to play. I’ve read a lot about the game and never really thought much of it, but yesterday I decided to give it a try and dammit, is it addicting or what. A lot depends about finding the right champion that suits your playstyle, and I think I’ve fond mine (so far).

It’s this weird dude called Heimerdinger. He has an interesting gameplay that involves turrets, rockets and grenades.

Does Siege of Orgrimmar ruffle your feathers?

Is it a pretty looking designed raid? Yes it is.
Is it a badass looking raid? You bet it is. Going into Orgrimmar and killing them bad orcs that made the Horde look bad throughout the expansion is a fun thing to do.

But it is a freakin’ long raid. So many bosses to kill. So much running to do. So much downtime. Such boring boredom.

I admit, much of my sentiments about SoO is due to the fact I have little time to play during the evening. And after reading Marathals post on how he feels about raiding I had a kind of similar feeling.

Raiding has lost its glory, to me at least.

I loathe the gear chase / grinding thing. I absolutely hate it. Grind gear, get set. Reset. New tier. Repeat. So raiding for gear is a stupid thing to do.
So what’s left? For the progression? The experience? The thrill? Sorry, after 3 expansions of killing the most evil demons and other minions from hell, I just can’t get excited about killing yet another bad evil wannabee. Even if it’s the leader of the Horde.

Add to that the often overload of boem boem on your screen for hours on end, the button spamming, the scrolling combat text on your screen that never ever ends, the nature of healing these days which is spike damage – flat – spike raid damage – avoid stuff – flat – spike damage – procc opportunity – spike – flat … it just doesn’t interest me that much anymore.

I do wonder if Blizzard realizes this. That people have done the raid thing for expansions on end, and that at a certain point, you just stop caring. Or maybe it’s just me.

Warlockery for the win!

So with all that in mind, I kinda had enough of doing SoO LFR, and I’m not that excited about joining a new raid team. Maybe in Warlords of Draenor, if flex will excite me.

So a new character was born. I’ve never really tried a Warlock or a Mage before. And seeing how many cool gizmos Warlocks have I decided to go for a true Master of Doom. That and the fact my brother can educate me on the skill part ;-p

Of course I made an Undead Warlock (Dude what else!) and started in Tirisfal Glades. Where I’m now spending quality time exploring the map and guess what, finding cool new pets to do battle with. Who knows, I might become a true Pokemon master.