FFXIV first dungeon completed

I’ve completed the very first dungeon of FFXIV yesterday evening. And it was hell.

Nono, not the dungeon itself, that went like a breeze. I mean unlocking the dungeon through storyquests. Jesus Christ, what a pain in the b*tthole …

I like cutscenes, most of the time, but the quest sequence I had to go through yesterday evening in order to progress and unlock the dungeon was just over the damn top.

And I dare say, it made no f*cking sence either.

*Spoiler alert*

Suddenly I went from being a newby adventurer to becoming an Emissary, an then an Envoy to the ruler of the whatever. And after that some barkeeper needed my help and I got access to the dungeon. Color me unimpressed, because that made no lasting impression on me. Cutscene, loading screen, repeat repeat. The very first time FFXIV got me annoyed …

Anyway, the dungeon I eventually got to do is called Sastasha Seagrot, and it’s this thing about Pirates in a cave. Bad people who deserve to die a thousand deaths by swords and magic rockets.

Like I mentioned earlier, the run went without any problems. Good tank and good DPS makes for easy healing. I got some nice loot pieces (greens) and a unique Puglist weapon I can stuff away if I ever need it.

What else?

– The dungeon was a nice entry level dungeon. Lots of trash, some harder hitting mobs in the packs to keep you awake as a healer. Pretty nice layout, and clicky mechanics at the final boss (bubbles of water you need to click on to prevent adds or something). In all, a nice learning dungeon I believe. Can’t wait for the next one.

– The party UI (healthbars etc) kinda sucks. To small, to much information around it (castbars). Weird colors, makes my eyes hurt after staring at it for more than five minutes. I need a bigger screen of better glasses. Or find out if I can change the appearance …

– A party of 4 people is actually quite nice.

– I’m leveling pretty fast without even trying. Just focussing on the main story quest nets you a lot of XP.

– Aha, I just found out FFXIV had a character armory system like WOW. View my character on the Lodestone. It really does look like a Jedi Padawan … with cat ears … and a tail.

ffxiv_16072014_224949 ffxiv_16072014_230013


8 thoughts on “FFXIV first dungeon completed

  1. Thought I would say that the UI can be moved around and resized. If you go to the Edit Hud (I think it’s called that) section, then (on PC) select a UI element and press Shift+Home it will cycle through the different sizes. My layout has the party bar in the top left, and everything else in a small but near line along the bottom (everything at 60% size, but it can got to 180% I think but not sure).

    Still congrats on your first dungeon! They are going to get so much better as you go (the new ones they are releasing in the patches are awesome!

    • Cool thanks, didn’t know you could resize things as well. That should help a lot :-).

      There is no cross realm teaming in FFXIV I’m guessing right? Or guesting like in Guild Wars?

      • The only cross realm teaming is through the Duty Finder, as it takes people from every server. But trying to make it so you can get in the same group is really hard to do xD Everyone keeps asking for guesting, so maybe they’ll put it in during a patch some time…. Hopefully… GW2’s guesting feature was great, since i’m on Gates of Madness which was almost a dead server haha

      • Well, to be honest, the Archer class is pretty simple. You can move around a lot and you get some cool skills, and don’t have to stay still to use them, which is nice.

        But its really when you get Bard that things ramp up. You get your job abilities, which are songs. When you use the songs you DPS is cut by 30%, but its fine because the Bard is more of a support role.

        The songs do things like recharge the parties MP faster (so healers love us :P), make TP recharge faster or make enemies take more damage.

        Plus, we have a 3 skills, spammable AoE combo (each skill in the combo is an AoE attack). So Bard is pretty useful. πŸ˜€

          • My hat, at the moment, is a running joke in my FC. Because the FC is split 50/50 between loving the style and wanting to set it on fire, we keep mentioning it all the time. It’s dungeon loot, so when we get to the boss that wears it, I always say “give me back my hat.”

            And me and Texturepack (who has another funny but awesome hat) have decided to call ourselves the Hat Police. xD

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