FFXIV making my way into the world

My little Conjurer healing machine is slowly picking up pace. Made level 17 yesterday, and I’m well on my way to unlock the very first dungeon. Healing time!

And to be honest, it’s not going to be that diffcicult. I’ve only got 2 healing spells right now (single and group heal), and a party in FFXIV only is four people. I’ve done several guildheists and other things in the dutyfinder, actually I have no idea what they are or why they excist, but meh, I like to press ‘JOIN’ buttons :-).

In FFXIV there is a player commendation system where you basically commend a player at the end of a duty finder thing. You get a pop-up and you can select one player to give a commendation to. I have no idea if they have any real value besides a ‘feel-good’ moment. I have receved several already, and I feel good about it, ha!

The storyline in FFXIV is weird. The last time I played a Final Fantasy game was when I was a young teenager on the Playstation, so like a million years ago. And in all honesty, I cannot remember a damn thing about it. The only thing that sounds familiar is the music in FFXIV. It makes me think about Sephiroth.

What else is there to say about FFXIV?

– People bombard you with Free Company (guild) invites all the time when they see you are without one. I never accept it. Why would I? I don’t know you, your guild, your guildmembers, or anything else for that matter. Maybe it is because I’m playing a healer? Is there a lack of healers in FFXIV?

– Gear upgrades in FFXIV are weird as well. I’ve never once had a drop from a mob kill. Do mobs even drop loot? All I get is stuff from quests, and that is often just a little mini-upgrade. Do dungeons have loot? I hope so …

– I tried the Botanist job. It’s basically just a gathering profession, but in FFXIV they turned it into a seperate class. So you have seperate abilities, non of them combat (so far I know of). So you have to go into the wilds, in between mobs and angry critters and scorpions and birds and tigers and evil do’ers, and do your thing. Sounds weird if you ask me. I think they just wanted to add some extra time-sinks to the game.

– In FFXIV PC players and console players are playing together on the same server. So the guy tanking your dungeon could be playing the sh*t out of a MMO with a gamepad. I think that is totally awesome. It also means you won’t have long deep conversations with random people, because have you ever tried to type words with a gamepad controller? Dear god. Respect for the console gamer in FFXIV.


3 thoughts on “FFXIV making my way into the world

  1. Just thought I would say; yes, dungeons do drop loot. In fact, you are going to want to run the first three dungeons a number of times because a) it gives good practice and b) you can get a full set of Acolyte’s armour, which will cover you until the next set of dugeons. 😀

    Oh, and the commendations unlock achievements, titles and eventually (at 500 commendations) a unique mount. 😀

    • Aha 🙂 Good to know about the commendations. And the set of armour. What would a dungeon be without loot right?

      It’s true that you can only commend one player in the group right?

      And are there any downsides to chain grinding dungeons? As in Guild Wars 2, where you’d be penalised for repeating / grinding content with a debuff?

      • Yeah, you can only commend one player, and if you are in a party when you enter the Duty Finder, you cannot commend at all. That’s to stop you from spamming the commendations, I think.

        And nope, there is no downside or penalty for rerunning stuff. You get levelled down whilst in the dungeon to make sure it stays a challenge, but you don’t get a penalty.

        In fact, they created Duty Roulettes for the sole reason that people near or past the end of the main storyline (before the update storylines) continue to run the lower level dungeons and help the newer players. 😀

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