FFXIV a couple of days in

First overall take on the game ( about a couple of hours in) is an amazing holy crap. Great visuals, very very nice interface, story driven and lots of crazy Final Fantasy stuff. There is so much to suck in, it could be overwhelming. I say could be, because it actually is not the case. The way the story goes forward, the questflow, the initial zone progression, it all makes sense. Very very casual friendly, and very new player friendly. The game slowly tells you about all the little things that matter to you as a player, and that is a lot.

The first couple of hours are actually very very slow, and I’m guessing this is done intentionally so the game doesn’t kill new players with information.

I’ve made a Conjurer, thinking it was some kind of healer hybrid leading to summoner warlock kind of things. I was so wrong. Conjurers are the pure healing class of FFXIV, leading to the White Mage job (specialization).

Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that you have so little DPS abilities. All this time I’ve been using the exact same two abilities to kill mobs with, and it’s getting boring. There is just not enough pew pew to the class.

FFXIV uses a nice system where you can take up many different classes on the same character, so you’re basically alting on the same character, but this takes time to unlock and blabla.

My only real issue with the game is the various unskippable cutscene you face all the time. Starting a new character because you’re interested in seeing a different race or class is annoying as f*ck due to this. Other than that, it’s been an entertaining ride so far. More to come …

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7 thoughts on “FFXIV a couple of days in

  1. I thought you could skip the cutscenes? It’s been a while since I watched them for the first time, but I thought (on PC) if you press ESC it brings up the Skip Cutscene. But perhaps my memory fails me, hehe.

    Anyway, I’m really glad you are enjoying it overall. And more conjurors are always a welcome sight (they are really hard to find when doing party stuff). And yeah, it is a pure healing classes, however, it can be used to unlock Paladin (tank) if you want it, or Scholar which has some DPS as well. Also, White Mage gets an awesome AoE damage attack called Holy which can only be describe as “oh my god what was that light-oh, everything’s dead”.

    What server do you play on?

    • Thanks for commenting.

      Some cutscenes can be skipped, but a lot of important ones I guess can’t. You get a message saying this scene can’t be skipped …

      Cool about the WM Holy AOE attack, didn’t know about that 🙂

      I play on Cerberus (EU).

      • Awwww. You’re not on Sargatanas… We need more cool people (there is a lot, but its never enough xD)

        And good point, I forgot that some can’t be skipped. As for the WHM, one of my FC mates, Zellie, has basically dropped Bard for WHM as she finds the healing and the cross skills DPS from Thaumaturge and Arcanist a very fun combination. ^_^

        • Hehe, to bad. Always happens to me. I meet new / fellow bloggers and they are always on different servers / timezones.

          I’m enjoying my CNJ atm, decided to accept the slow punch feeling it has, and when I roam a zone I heal people in trouble all the time during their questing. Lots of nice people in FFXIV, a very pleasant change from the WOW crowd.

          On my way now (this evening) to unlock the first dungeon, and then it’s real healing time 🙂

          • Oooo! In that case, as I have healed the first dungeon myself (only the first 3 to be honest) allow me to impart my wisdom (lol) on you. Target the tank, ignore the DPS. You’ll be fine in every fight, as long as the tank does his job. (And it’s not hard. Tanking in XIV is really easy) ^_^

            Good luck with the dungeon! I hope you enjoy it!

            • Thanks 🙂

              The way FFXIV handles visual information (big hitting mob abilities etc) is really cool.

              For some reason I’m always comparing healing MMO stuff to World of Warcraft. I’ve healed my way through all the expansions on a Priest, but in the end, I just couldn’t stand the toxic behavior of so many random people. It’s like it became the new standard.

              And that’s unfortunate, because meeting people in a MMO is one of the cool parts if you ask me.

              So I’m curious to know how the FFXIV crowd behaves in a random PUG environment (in general ofc, there’s always haters and toxic people in a multiplayer game).

            • To be honest, I went through the entire storyline with PUGs, because I kept rerunning dungeons for loot. Overall, I found people to be helpful and nice. I had the odd problem with people, but that’s pretty normal.

              All in all, the community is pretty good. 😀

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