Tried some WOW, stuff is still the same. The universe is safe.

I remembered without any reason what so ever (that happens a lot when you get older btw) that my brother gave me a 90 days WOW gametime code for my birthday last year. And it was still sitting in my mailbox doing nothing.

Sure I could have waited to use it for when Warlords goes live, but I’m a sucker for free stuff. And maybe it only lasts for a year? Would be a shame to loose a perfectly good game time code right?

So I did the usual stuff, checked different characters, jumped around, and then sat there deciding what to do. Not a good way to start 90 days of free game time.

It seemed like a good idea to play on my Hunter character, but I quickly burried that idea somewhere deep in the back of my mind. I’m not going to blame the Hunter class for the reason I stopped playing WOW, but dammit it comes pretty damn close.
Don’t rage on me now, I’m not saying the Hunter class is derp derp, and I’m sure in order to play one to its fullest potential in PVP or heroic raiding you need decent skills. I am talking about the way it plays out there in the world.

An example:

My keybinds were all messed up and I’m old and can’t remeber jack shit about which buttons to press and what not. So I am in Kara. Wilds doing some random leftover quest to get the zone completing achievement, and I see a rare on the radar. It was one of those Zandalari Warlord types. You know the ones, pretty hard hitting, a lot of HP, lots of crap to dodge etc.

Nahaaa, not for a Hunter. And I stress again, I was just pressing Mend Pet and some random DPS buttons I could find on my hotbars. It took a while, but eventually the sucker went down. Yeeha for the power. Imagine what I could do if I actually knew what I was doing?

But then it hit me, just like it hit me last time. Playing as a Hunter makes me feel dirty. As in cheating.

If you’re out there pwning away as a Hunter, don’t let me piss on your parade though. You go ahead and make it rain brother! More power to you. But ehm … come closer for a second. Yeah like that. A little more … Now let me ask you this …

((whisper ))  Don’t you secretly feel the same when you’re zapping crap in the face while your pet is making the game easymode for you? I know you do. I can see it in your face … (( ))

But like I said, that’s just me, and you should never listen to strangers on the interwebs anyway.

So what’s next for me then?

Rogues finally get a change they were looking for many many expansions. Combo points are finally stored on the player instead of the target. Holy crap, I swear to god, I almost wet myself after reading that. Is it enough to make me want to play my Rogue again? Not sure. I always hate it how the Rogue class has to start a new expansion. And I hate it how melee keeps getting the finger from the Blizzard devs time after time.

Warriors are getting some changes to, abilities being ditched, and Protection gets a DPS button (Gladiator stance or something). This I like. I always enjoyed doing stuff (quests dailies etc) as a Protection Warrior. Being able to actually do that as ‘true’ DPS sounds very tempting.

Priests I haven’t read much about to be honest. Shadow lost its appeal to me a long time ago, and Priest healing annoyed me to death in MOP.

I’m interested in Druids and Mages, but that means leveling one, and dear god, I’d rather ** *** *** *** *** *** ***.


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