I admit, WOD is looking nice

I find myself reading about Warlords of Draenor a lot lately. And that is weird. I thought I was over World of Warcraft, but in all honesty, probably not.

The garrison thing sounds like a neat addition to the game. It reminds me of the duty officer system in Star Trek Online. Being able to build your own ‘town’ with NPC’s in it could be awesome.

There isn’t a lot to talk about because well, most information is based on the alpha and shiat, and we all know that can differ a lot from the actual stuff on release day. There is so much talk going on on various forums, but in the end, it’s all speculation.

Basically there is only one thing you can and must do as a gamer (consumer). You try it out, and if you don’t like it, you stop and go do something else. Ever since I stopped playing WOW some months ago, I have been doing exactly that. Been playing a lot of different games (single and multi player), and when I reach a point where I no longer am having fun, I just stop playing said game. Life has been a whole lot easier that way.

So maybe a return to World of Warcraft isn’t that horrible. As long as I personally honor a very important ideal along the way.

– Do not let myself get sucked in by the gear chase / raid progression thing. It is a game-killer (for me personally).

So in order to achieve this, and it’s actually harder than it seems, I will try and play WOW to blog about. Yep, that is correct. My reason to play is to blog about it. And maybe other games as well. Who knows? Meh …

Anyway, WOD …

* A return to Outland (kinda), time travel and Orcs. Okay, sounds weird, but then again, it’s Outland. Wii …

* Lots of stat and gear changes. Looking good to me, less askmrrobot, more playing. Wii …

* Garrisons. More personal immersion and phasing. I love phasing. Means less other player-heroes killing my immersion. Wii …

* Questing and flow a little different. More natural and out in the world, some phasing. Wii …

* Abilities and spells getting shafted. Finally.

* Numbers being squatted as well. Even more finally.

So up until now, I like what I’m reading about WOD. If Blizzard is now committed to bringing the fun instead of forced multiplayer then I am sold.



3 thoughts on “I admit, WOD is looking nice

  1. Absolutely with you. When you fall into the gear raiding chase you skip past so much fun stuff to do. Now that I am over geared for most content thanks to the Ordos vending machine, we have laughs and fun doing the crazy dungeon achievements no one ever took the time to stop and do, running all over Stormstout Brewery looking for those varmits you could only see while under the tea effects, standing around letting hundreds of them beat on an over geared tank to get one to bounce up high enough and explode to knock the one guy down. Doing the first tiers of the expansion on heroic mode, going back to Cata and Wrath dungeons and raids and actually taking time to look around and see things. There is so much in this game that gets overlooked and passed over because of the chase. When you take your time and enjoy the game at your own pace, it really is a cool game.

  2. I’ve been taking my time and enjoying the game for the last year pretty much – gave up the raiding regularly, running dungeons because you “must” have that piece of gear thing – I’ve enjoyed the game much more since I started playing at a different pace.

  3. Glad you guys are feeling the same.

    I believe Blizzard is realizing this as well, with the changes in LFR gear (no set bonus etc). Stuff to prevent people from burning out to fast, or to prevent them from repeating content which becomes less and less fun the more you do it.

    I honestly question them on their believes that more people will progress to normal raids with the changes to raiding in WOD.

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