Trusty blog is still here

Some things in life are set in stone, as are WordPress blogs.

Stuff has happened, life has shifted, people change and on top of that, you get older and older. Man that sounded depressing …

What have I been up to?

World of Warcraft has been terminated for good (disclaimer: I have said this a 100 times already in the last couple of years). Maybe, just mini-me-maybe, I will give the next expansion a very casual try. I’m curious about the personal town / garrison thing, and the Burning Crusade thing redone sounds interesting.

Thing is however, we’ve (I) done it all a million times before. New zones, new art, new enemies, new dungeons and raids, new looks, new shinies, ‘new’ quests, new interactions, new loot, new stats … but in reality, not so very new.

I believe I have finally outgrown massive multiplayers. Due to a severe lack of time, a stessy job and a growing family, I just can’t commit myself to the time sink that is so ever present in the current mmo gaming industry.

I have for a small time played EVE Online, you can read my little blog I kept during that time over here at It might fancy you or it might not. I finally stopped playing EVE because it was sucking in to much of my attention. And I mean that in a bad bad way.
EVE Online is not just a game, it is a virtual life. It’s both amazing and annoying. And it is also very consuming of your time.

So for the rest, I am slowly playing some on my single player games I have sitting in my Steam or Good Old Games backlog for years. Games like Faster Than Light, Master of Orion 2, Distant Worlds, Space Empires 4 …

And even that is dying a slow death.

My wife and I are expecting our second child. The wife did a pregnancy test last week. About a month and a half ago (something) we finally made the decision to go for it, and then bam, I shoot and I score. First try, jackpot.

If life was Mortal Kombat, then I would have scored a flawless victory …

Ha ha ha. Look at this at urban dictionary.

” The pleasant and rare occasion in which after a long and sometimes stressful poo the wiper reveals a clean piece of toilet paper. No poo to speak of, it’s all in the toilet.
Person one: Wow that was a fast shit!
Person two: Flawless victory man! In and out! “

Ok, not what I had in mind at all. Never even knew about that definition :-).


5 thoughts on “Trusty blog is still here

    • Hey Hey 🙂 Thank you very much. We’re both excited and scared at the same time (oh no, two little minions … how will we ever do this).

      Nah just kidding, it’s going to be awesome. Soon I have two padawans eagerly awaiting power … euhm I mean knowledge ofc.

      Hows you and K. ? You guys still playing anything? Elder scrolls online?

  1. hehe, it will be awesome. Two little minions 😀 We’re both really happy for you.
    We’re ok thank you, yep playing ESO! It’s really good but it does feel like you’re playing a solo game, it’s nowhere near as dynamic and social as GW2.
    Great to catch up again, I’ll look out for your new posts. I see WoW might still have the magic after all 😉 Just about.

    • You guys are the best :-).

      Great to hear about ESO, I’ve thought about picking it up, but I haven’t read up about the game at all. Is it grindy and progression stuff like WOW? Do you encounter others during questing etc? Is it cash shop heavy? Lots of questions hehe.

      About WOW, I’m still in debate with myself. The new expansion sounds interesting, but when even I login now, I dunno, it just doesn’t grip me anymore.

      • Hehe 😀 No, ESO is not grindy in any way – it’s very focused on exploration and taking your own time. Every single quest is voice acted, and acted well.
        Encountering others while questing is quite common, but not as regular as GW2. People generally keep to themselves, which is why I say that it’s not heavily social like GW2 is.
        There’s no proper auction system (just a guild thing), but you generally make a decent amount of cash to afford bag expansions etc that help you later on.

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