Does Siege of Orgrimmar ruffle your feathers?

Is it a pretty looking designed raid? Yes it is.
Is it a badass looking raid? You bet it is. Going into Orgrimmar and killing them bad orcs that made the Horde look bad throughout the expansion is a fun thing to do.

But it is a freakin’ long raid. So many bosses to kill. So much running to do. So much downtime. Such boring boredom.

I admit, much of my sentiments about SoO is due to the fact I have little time to play during the evening. And after reading Marathals post on how he feels about raiding I had a kind of similar feeling.

Raiding has lost its glory, to me at least.

I loathe the gear chase / grinding thing. I absolutely hate it. Grind gear, get set. Reset. New tier. Repeat. So raiding for gear is a stupid thing to do.
So what’s left? For the progression? The experience? The thrill? Sorry, after 3 expansions of killing the most evil demons and other minions from hell, I just can’t get excited about killing yet another bad evil wannabee. Even if it’s the leader of the Horde.

Add to that the often overload of boem boem on your screen for hours on end, the button spamming, the scrolling combat text on your screen that never ever ends, the nature of healing these days which is spike damage – flat – spike raid damage – avoid stuff – flat – spike damage – procc opportunity – spike – flat … it just doesn’t interest me that much anymore.

I do wonder if Blizzard realizes this. That people have done the raid thing for expansions on end, and that at a certain point, you just stop caring. Or maybe it’s just me.

Warlockery for the win!

So with all that in mind, I kinda had enough of doing SoO LFR, and I’m not that excited about joining a new raid team. Maybe in Warlords of Draenor, if flex will excite me.

So a new character was born. I’ve never really tried a Warlock or a Mage before. And seeing how many cool gizmos Warlocks have I decided to go for a true Master of Doom. That and the fact my brother can educate me on the skill part ;-p

Of course I made an Undead Warlock (Dude what else!) and started in Tirisfal Glades. Where I’m now spending quality time exploring the map and guess what, finding cool new pets to do battle with. Who knows, I might become a true Pokemon master.


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