Hunter makes me lazy + new slogan

A very bold statement, but true to the core. Playing a Beast Master Hunter is making me lazy as hell. One, it is so easy to do anything in the game. Two, it is yet another reminder of the unbelievable imbalance between melee and ranged classes. And Hunter is unfortunately one of the prime examples of that.

Again, before you start writing evil emails, I am not implying that all Hunters are lazy no-good easy-class-choosing players. Far from it. But if you are honest about it, then one has to admit to what I’m trying to say here.

I notice this most when I’m out in the world or Timeless Isle hunting for rare mobs to kill. On my slightly undergeared Rogue I have to really pay attention to what I do, when I time interupts or stuns, where I position the fight, what is around me at all times.
On my Hunter, not anymore. Just go in shootin’ and come out lootin’. Hey! That should be the new Hunter slogan!

” Just go in shootin’ and come out lootin’. “

I believe I am on to something here folks!

And it is cool and not cool at the same time. Because I feel it is making me lazy as a player. Then again, when I play my Rogue I can only feel the annoyances of being pulled out of stealth all the time. Argh …

Funny sidenote. When I played my Priest the other day I got a whipser from a random player asking me if I was interested in joining their guild. Due to me being guildless at the moment because of everybody I played with leaving during MOP, I saw no harm in joining this very friendly request. And I missed some guild perks to be honest.
And 2 minutes after joining I was asked to be part of a raid team as a healer. Ha … Kinda funny.

I’m not to sure about joining a raid team. The expansion is near its end, and I kinda fail to see the point in doing the gear chase thing when everything will be reset anyway with the new expansion.
Okay, it might be cool to have the experience, but then again, I’m doing the Siege of Orgrimmar raid in LFR at the moment, and I’m not that convinced about the coolness in normal / flex. Hell, I can’t even remember half of the fights. That’s how memorable they are …

Although, joining a fresh raid team now would be cool when Warlords of Draenor comes out. I’d be part of it, as a healer, and the transition to raiding in WOD will be easier.

Did I mention how I feel about Priest healing lately? I’m sure I did. I did finish the bronze and silver Proving Grounds challenge yesterday on my Priest. I liked it a lot. Bronze went easy, which I did as Discipline. Silver however I had to do in two tries, where I switched to Holy for the extra AOE healing capabilities. Gold will require me to practice a bit more I believe.


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