Challenge accepted: Hunter wannabee for life

So my little poke at Hunters and WOW did not go well with particular reader, who challenged me to play it extensively before making any final verdict about it being ‘easy’ or ‘lolz’. And I accepted. What harm can come out of this right?

So I’ve been playing my Troll Hunter exclusively, and I’ve got it ilevel 507. And life has never been easier. Everything just rolls over and dies all the time (drama-alert!). Forget any fathal form of AOE that would insta kill you as a melee character. Because as a Hunter, you need not worry about such details. And to top it of, I’ve been trying out Beastmaster, which is even more sick and fun? Your pet becomes a killing machine with dare I say, excellent AOE capabilities.

Now, I’m not a Hunter wizard by any means, and frankly I have no idea what my supposed DPS should be as a Beastmaster Hunter in a raid. The last raid I did was SOO, and upon fighting General Nazgrim our LFR group wiped a couple of times due to people not switching to the adds fast enough. It was then when raiding heroes started linking recount DPS reports and shiat. I stood on 11th place with a whooping 76k DPS. Now, this fight is a bitch, with a lot of switching and pet here pet there situations. Hey, I was still before the second and third Hunter in the raid group so …
According to Noxxic a BM Hunter with my gear should be able to do 110k DPS. But I’m guessing that is just standing still firing on a boss that doesn’t move or use abilities? I’ve swapped some talents around, maybe that will make a little difference.


Stealthing around on the Isle of Giants. They sure weren’t kidding about the giant part!



The latest raid ‘Siege of Orgrimmar’, going through one of the oldest dungeons in the game, RFC. How cool is that?

My new pet

My new pet from the Isle of Giants. As a Hunter you just have to go there at least once right?


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