Gear changes in Warlords of Draenor

A huge topic from Blizzard today explaining more about the new way gear will work in the next expansion. And it truly brings a lot of questions to mind …

One of that questions is the added RNG this system brings to the table:


This dude is correct in a way. Not only will you have to be lucky said item drops, but then you have to be lucky it drops your prefered stat distribution as well.

And then there is this.


So wait … what? They don’t want to keep a flawed gear design? You mean the gear design they had since the beginning? And now all of a sudden it is a flawed system? After 7 years? Well that is one way to sell your argument I guess …

I like the fact gear changes upon switching specs, but the whole stat-distribution and RNG in RNG does sound an awful lot like Diablo 3.

But then you read this:

“GC has even commented a few times about how they want it to make killing Immerseus your 14th time more interesting. Note, they don’t talk about how you will be farming Heroic Garrosh for months looking for that Warforged Socketed Axe with Lifesteal.
They talk about the speedbump boss that you kill every week on your way to real progression having a chance to drop upgrades you care about. THAT is the intention, and that is what should be kept in mind while discussing this.” – quotelink

And that makes sense in a game designer kinda way of thinking I guess …

Maybe we just have to wait and see how it turns out?


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