Hunter + pet = lolz

I’ve been running several of my alts through the Timeless Isle just for the lolz, and upon starting it with my Hunter I noticed something pretty annoying. Shit dies easily and fast when you have a pet doing all the hard work. If kinda felt like cheating at a given moment. That same elite mob that hits like a truck if you don’t pay 100% attention just rolls over and dies when you are on a Hunter character. How lame is that?

And it was. Playing my Hunter for over an hour reminded me why I stop playing it all the time. It just feels so cheezy. I’m not saying Hunter is bad or what the fook ever, but to me, it just feels very very boring. Which sucks, because yes I admit, it is so easy to do stuff in the game. Pets can pretty much tank an entire continent if you spec right and heal right. But the Hunter class to me is missing something.

So what other characters did I try on the Timeless Isle?

My Rogue, who despite being not that well geared (blue dagger) doesn’t have to much issues killing things. You have to time things correct, but all the stuns and interrupts make life pleasant.

My Priest, who as a Shadowy ninja slowly kills things from a distance. A lot of kiting and weird movement is needed from my end to get it to work, but not that hard.

My Warrior, who as Protection just aggros a lot of mobs to his side and starts whacking the living shiat out of things with his shield. I didn’t expect this. Protection questing (or dailies etc ..) has always been kind of a drag. Yes you are a walking fortress, but it is a bit slowish at times. Building up vengeance for power etc.
But Warrior tanks got some love in the latest patch it seems, because I suddenly noticed this little thing:


Very cool indeed. Now an all parry build will start to pay of, because there’s also this:


Actually, it doesn’t really matter that much if things die in 5 seconds or in 7 seconds does it?

Anyway, I had a lot of fun on my Warrior on Timeless Isle, but there’s the huge issue of queues and LFR. I’m so accustomed to fast queues as a healer, and god knows the queues as a DPS are horrible. Tried it on my Rogue, and a 40 minute queue is just insane. But no way in hell I am going to tank in LFR. The amount of *** up people in there is just insane and after a long day at work and shiat, no way I want my ingame time poluted with toxic behaviour of any sort.

Who knows, maybe next expansion Warrior can heal? With a sheep strapped on their back or something.


4 thoughts on “Hunter + pet = lolz

    • Yep they still take a beating from special hits and stuff, but as a BeastMaster with extra healing love for pets, and special pets with superspecial abilities, it still feels very very different than tackling it as a melee.

      Fight Cinderfall or Huolon and have your pet tank it. No need to worry about that huge AOE fire nova of doom / lightning. And neither does your pet. How wrong is that? That’s what I mean by it feels cheezy.

  1. Warlock is pretty much the same … pull out void, profit.
    Ret pala spends most of the time running back to his corpse.
    Blood DKs are like your warrior … might take a little longer to kill things (especially since mine aren’t well geared) but nearly impossible to die on.

    We won’t even talk about the mage. Ugh. I haven’t taken the spriest out there yet though. Maybe I should at least once.

    Incidentally, hunter and warrior are my next two classes set to hit 90 .. sitting at 89 and 88 right now.

    • Lol you are so right about Warlock. My brother was with me yesterday at some point before he had to raid, and we were farming mobs for the emperor reputation. And at a certain point he pulls out his voidwalker, and it just tanks and tanks.

      Meanwhile I’m dodging blazing cleaves ( and what the hell not, trying not to die as a mere mortal.

      I just asked him to remove the voidwalker. It was embarrasing.

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