Timeless Isle content: Fun for you?

It is to me. On my crappy (ilvl 470+) geared Paladin it is quite a challenge at times. I’m so used to playing a ranged caster, and I have the attention span of a shrimp. This often results in an awful death experience with fire and lava things. But at least Blood Elves die with style!

So I was happy to see a post come up on the MMO Champion forums from someone else who is enjoying the increased difficulty of roaming the Timeless Isle (as an undergeared character). The sad news is that it didn’t take very long before the usual trolls got in the thread and started a spiral of negative bitching.

Also, this …


I can’t remember seeing to much Warlock envy. But then again, I can’t even remember what I had for lunch this morning … Oh well.

Did Blizzard borrow some of Guild Wars 2 stuff? No idea, but it is very nice of them if they did. The rare tagging system is great, and the island certainly makes people work together. Yesterday me and my brother started a rep farm group that worked wonders. +1 for Blizzard.

Blizzard stated they are opting for a similar system in Warlords of Draenor. Or certain areas at least. It can go lots of different ways, but I’m optimistic.

Also, I did a whole bunch of LFR runs yesterday, and not once was there toxic behavior. Lots of silence, but mostly just people doing there business and getting loot.


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