Paladin is the new me


What is the most awesome class in the world? If you didn’t say out loud ‘The Paladin‘ then you are playing the game wrong. Ha.

Ok, maybe not. Ok, not at all, but at least the Paladin can perform all three roles (tank, heal,damage).

I totally had it with Priest healing. So slow slow slow. It just doesn’t feel fun to me anymore. This is why just the other day, I got my Paladin to level 90, and had a lot of fun with the healing way of a Holy Paladin. You react to different procs, and you look wicked badass in plate armor at the same time.

The most excellent part of all this that has gotten me excited? No more patches until the new expansion! That means no more new gear / ilvls. Just casually work your way to the Siege of Orgrimmar, gearing up and having fun in the progress. Ok, probably how one should approach the game in the first place, but hey, whatever.

There is of course a downside. Retribution, the damage dealing special happy tree of the Paladin. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. It is goddamn shit. I have my fingers crossed it will feel better at ilvl 500+, but right now, at a crappy ilvl of 460, it feels like everything shreds me a new b**hole all the time. Paper plate wearing class … Maybe it’s me, maybe I suck playing a Ret Paladin (although that would be funny, seeing how Ret Pally is not difficult at all to play).

So what have I been up to?

Made it to level 90 with dungeons pretty damn fast. Healing queues are as always, super fast. Then I made my way to the new Timeless Isle, where I was showered with epic items. And I mean that literally … I admit, it was freakin’ difficult at first, wearing all green crap gear. Just looking at a rare elite often meant falling dead into the dirt.
I love it. Actually gearing up and catching up to the latest content in a doable fashion. Of course there are those that don’t like this sort of thing … meh.

Up for grabs are LFR and heroics for easy Justice Points.

My brother who plays a Warlock and has an ilvl of 7000 it seems is helping me with dungeon and LFR runs. Well, actually I’m helping him or he is just plain using me for my insta-healer queues to cap his Valor every week (if he’s short of a little). Anyway … he has gear. F**ked up gear. Oh right, he raids … 3 times a week … Also, he is nuts.  So when we zone in a dungeon it usually goes like this:

“Hey guys hows you” followed by “Try to keep up”.
And then we just rape the place. Ever seen a dungeon boss NPC go down in 4 seconds? It is fun. Often our random fellow party members just stare at this moment of joy. Sometimes we get an ‘Ohhh’ or an ‘Ahhh’. Most of the time people just run after us and try not to disturb the awesome.

If at any given moment you are questioning your next alt character? Pick a Warlock, you will not regret it. I shit you not.


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