SWTOR: First Republic flashpoint The Esseles

Is over and done with. And it was a breeze. Actually not really an accomplishment, because it is a newbie starter flashpoint. I teamed up with another player (a Jedi Shadow) and together with our two NPC companions we went through it pretty fast.

And here comes a complaint. I’m either getting old as f*ck, or SWTOR is way to flashy as a melee character. I didn’t really notice this while leveling up, but yesterday, in the flashpoint, I had at times a bit of information overload happening on me.

You’re standing there, with your humming lightsaber, in between 3 or 4 mobs or a bossfight, while there’s blaster fire, rockets, explosions, rubble, shockwaves, energywaves, healthbars and god knows what else.



The magic of a lightsaber wielding badass is kinda lost on me that way. Now I know, we are in the age of Call of Duty like rapid boomboom stuff, and the majority of SWTOR free players are not as ancient old as me, but still …

I still like my Jedi Guardian though. There is this magic thing that happens when you enter combat and you hear the sound of your lightsaber. But it is clear that playing a Guardian means being the brick wall guy, and I’m not sure how that will translate when questing solo in the world. Maybe it will be more fun when I get my next companion, that happens to be DPS or healing centered.

Semi spoiler-ish alert!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the little droid I have now as a companion (T7-O1) but he is a ranged tank. And as a Guardian, I really don’t need a ranged tank do I? So I’m in the market for a new companion.

End spoiler alert!

So here I am dammit, once more, with two characters I’ve invested in. A level 17 Mercenary, and a level 11 Guardian. One thing also worth mentioning is the difference I noticed between the Empire and Republic versions. The Republic version felt more polished, more sense of a real story behind it, if that makes sense.


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