SWTOR: I couldn’t resist

And I made a Jedi character. I know, I suck 🙂

swtor-p1 (1)

But how could you not make a lightsaber wielding mofo when you are playing a Star Wars game right? So I did. Actually, I have tried several times already, but I never made it past level 5. The main reason is the unbelievable stupid looking training lightsaber you are stuck with until your first class story is complete and you are sent of to the next planet. I know I know, it fits with the story and lore of the game to prove yourself to the Jedi Masters and all that jazz, but still, did I mention how stupid it looks?

But not this time. I stood my ground and stuck with my little Jedi in training until he got his very own lightsaber. And it’s cool. And of course, at level 10 you are presented with your advanced class choice. As a Jedi Knight, you have the option of becoming a Guardian or a Sentinel. The Guardian being the traditional tanks class and the Sentinel a DPS class.

I chose the Guardian. For one, he can wear Heavy Armor, and second, being tankish sounds like a fun choice. I’m probably going to regret that choice once I have done a few Flashpoints as a tank, but at least questing and fighting big bad monsters solo will be easier?

Up on the to do list for my Guardian. Do the first Republic flashpoint (The Esseles) this evening (if god and my little daughter allow for it). I’m not sure how I’m going to tackle this character. I have my Bountyhunter Mercenary, and upon starting the game I promised myself I would NOT start alting again, because I freakin’ hate it when that happens. But I dunno, it is fun playing a Jedi character, because the light / dark choices you have to make through the game are more fun as a Force user. I’m not going with the fallen Jedi roleplay, because that is so 1990’s. But it is cool to progress your Jedi through the story and see him become tained (lack of better word) with dark side choices. At least from a roleplay point of view.

So I’m trying to do that with this character. He started out fresh, eager, complete faith in the Jedi code and teachings. But as hes being sent into the real world, meeting real problems and real people, he sees that the Jedi code is always 100% correct on paper, in theory, but out in the real world, it’s not always light or dark, sometimes it is just a shade of grey.

Warning semi spoiler now !

One of the beautiful quests you come across on the starting planet is a mission you get from a Jedi Master. He is afraid two of his pupils are romantically involved with eachother, and he wants you to investigate.

Obviously, you are presented with several choices. You can confirm to the Master they are indeed doing the dirty limbo, or you can lie, and tell the Master he had a brainfart. Or you can blackmail the two lovers and get a nice color crystal out of the whole thing.

This is what I’m talking about. Stuff like this really make you invested in your character, and make the choices kinda meaningful. And it makes it easier to get into character and roleplay. Which is cool, and I’ve seen a whole bunch of people actually roleplay the last two days. Apparantly the Republic side has more of a roleplaying audience.


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