SWTOR Moving on, great story so far

The Bountyhunter class story so far has been entertaining. As a Bountyhunter you obviously are in to finding, capturing and / or killing marks, and the class story so far has been all about that. It is difficult to talk about it without spoiling stuff for other people that would stumble on to this blogpost (yeah right) so …

One of the gripes I have with the game at the moment is the holding hands and progressing on rails through out the zones. But then again, it is a themepark MMO, so I guess I can’t complain to much about that.
One of the fun things that are happening to me right now is the solo factor. I pretty much quest and progress through a zone as a solo player, and often in heroic areas that can be quite hard. But just recently I got a couple of new skills that make me a kite-master. Sometimes that means I’m shooting and nuking a bad monster for 5 minutes on end, but hey, more power to me right?

This also happened to me the other day. I joined a group for the Black Talon dungeon again, and from the start it became quite clear that one of the partymembers already did this dungeon a million of times. And he kept asking to skip the cutscenes so we’d move faster. I was the only one that said sure no problem. The other guys were here for the first time and realy wanted to see the cutscenes / story dialogue.
For some reason unknown to me, the dude that wanted to skip the scenes was able to kick the other two people in the group without notice. Bam just like that. Kinda lame if you ask me. And kinda toxic if you ask me again. Here are two people who did this dungeon for the very first time, only to get booted because they wanted to see the story. Not how you want to convert free to play people to subscribers ….

Anyway, some screenshots that I think are nice.



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