SWTOR: Bountyhunter mercenary and healing

Has very little healing so far if you ask me. Sure my character is only level 15, but I dunno, right now it is not living up to my expectations. The dual wielding is stil neat and all, but there may be a bit lack of punch with how Mercenary rolls. I dunno, maybe it will change at higher levels.

I did my very first flashpoint (dungeon) today called The Black Talon, a not really that hard encounter in space. The flashpoint was fun and the people were nice. I even made a friend that got added to my friendslist. Got some nice loot that upgrades my character perfect, so in all, a fine evening.

One of the fun things about SWTOR is the story telling and progress. Due to the voice-acting of all the quests it is a lot easier and fun to get connected to your character. Although I can imagine doing the same quests again on a different class can get annoying very fast.

Screenshot_2013-11-01_21_28_59_780768 Screenshot_2013-11-01_22_56_48_062380 Screenshot_2013-11-01_20_53_18_559071


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