SWTOR: Dromund Kaas and moving on

It is so clear I’m stil affected by years of World of Warcraft leveling. The new zone I’m currently playing in Star Wars The Old Republic is Dromund Kaas, and it has some heroic areas in it. And I’ve met some very fast and unfortunate deaths lately due to rushing in and aggroing a packs of bad ass Mandalorian elite mobs. And they have little mercy on Bountyhunter noobs like myself. So it seems I either have to outlevel / outgear that a bit and take revenge later on, or actually find other people to do these heroic kinda missions with. What wouldn’t be a bad thing if the people didn’t rush through things all the time …


The other weird news is this ingame email I got from Bioware, giving me a passive companion and a speeder bike. No idea why, but hey, thanks anyway.




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