SWTOR: Level 11 and off to a new planet

Turette, my little Bountyhunter made level 11 yesterday. A glorious victory if I say so myself. Leveling in SWTOR up until now was pretty straight forward, with one big map divided in to different level areas. Making level 11 means I got my very first companion (Mako) who I have set to heal mode. And it is a blessing. She heals me through pretty much everything, making questing heroic areas solo a lot easier.

I finished the first planet (Hutta) which is obviously also a starter planet. Upon slaying and shooting a lot of different NPCs I am now on my way to the Great Hunt as a real Bountyhunter. After being sent of to the Imperial Fleet, some sort of in between zone to the different planets in SWTOR, I talked to my Bountyhunter Advanced Class trainer, and I also learned three different crew skills. After arriving at the Imperial Fleet you immediately get smacked in the face with a big sign saying ‘You have left the starter area for real’.
Corridors everywhere, NPCs and vendors all over the place, crew skills, advanced class skills and talents … your companion on your tail … yeah, I’m not in Kansas anymore that is for sure.

I always liked the dual wielding blasters look of Jango Fett, so I have chosen to be a Mercenary Bountyhunter, making me a cool looking dudette with 2 guns that can heal. Who doesn’t like that? For crewskills I chose Biochem, bioanalysis and diplomacy. No idea why, but they seemed like a good idea.

Funny thing about the gameplay so far, I haven’t had the need to interact with any other player. Sure I’ve seen lots of people run around all the time, but so far, it has been a single player experience. Due to the limited availability of EU servers, I chose an english RP server which has … guess what, very little roleplaying going on. A lot of jibber jabber in general talk, but that was to be expected.

Some screenshots soon.


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