Star Wars the Old Republic after 2 years

Is quite different. I’ve been playing away for the past two days, and been trying out some of the different classes again. There is a level 17 Commando I left behind almost two years ago, but I thought it would be best to start of from scratch again, and relearn the basics etc. This time I’ve chosen the Bountyhunter due to Boba fett being one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

The class story so far has been entertaining, with some funny twists here and there. I did try several of the Jedi/Sith classes, but they did not stick with me at all. Sure I didn’t make it that far into their story, and I didn’t even get a proper lightsaber. But I dunno, I guess I prefer blasters over a lightsaber any day of the week.

The free to play options are somewhat limited (for a reason I’m sure), so yesterday I decided to resubscribe to the game. There is lots of playtime in the game for a person who can only play a limited time in the week, and I have no problems with the cash shop model of EA/Bioware (at the moment).
Also cool to note is the fact the game runs pretty smooth on my MSI GX60 gaming laptop. I remember playing the game on my desktop two years ago was pretty demanding on my system.


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