Diablo 3 and why I stopped playing the first time

Things have been very very quiet on the gaming side of life lately. Real life, a little daughter, work, health … On occasion I’ve been able to fire up Diablo 3 again, and I’ve spent about 6 or 8 hours playing my Wizard character. And just now, I’ve been reminded why I stopped playing Diablo 3 a long time ago. The incredible crap that is called loot in the game.

You see, you kill an awful lot of monster in Diablo 3, and those dead monsters drop loot for your character. And after picking up your 1000th piece of complete and utter useless piece of loot, things start to get annoying. So far I’ve been using the gold auction house to get upgrades  because I kinda have to. I’d still be running around in level 10 gear if it wasn’t for the auction house. And that is sad, very sad. Because I’d rather get my own pretty loot ingame.

The new expansion is promising a lot of changes, loot 2.0 they are calling it. We’ll see. I’d like to be a believer, but for now I’m in the waiting camp.


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