Windows 8, not impressed

I have this huge backlog of ‘old’ games I still need to play, or finish playing. This backlog is actually quite impressive.

Seeing how I managed to stop playing MMO’s due to life and energy and other stuff it seemed like a good idea to start on that backlog of single player games.

But I (read: the wife) also grew tired of spending hours upon hours in my man-cave of juvenile happiness.

So that left me with one choice, a gaming laptop!
And it so happened I found one, that was on sale with my local PC store. It is a MSI GX60 AC, 15′ screen, 8 GB of memory, AMD RadeonTM HD 7970M Graphic Card.

I agree, it is a bit of overkill to play older games, but seeing how it was on sale  I didn’t have to think long to decide.

And now for the Windows 8 part. I actually considered asking my vendor about downgrading to Windows 7, because I haven’t heard a lot of good things about Windows 8. But after considering I decided not to, I mean how bad could it be right?

And now of course, I’m wishing I did not pick Windows 8. For a couple of little reasons:

– The Metro look

So okay, it is new, and exciting, and whoo look it’s like the start menu only better. NOT.

It is a complete mess. A huge pile of clutter. For a tablet I’d say yes. For a notebook / desktop … come on dudes … what are you thinking?? But it’s not a dealbreaker. Just go to desktop immediately and you won’t have much problems with it. I mean it’s there, but at least you can pretend it is not!

– The Windows app store

Is a complete joke. Half of the ‘important’ apps aren’t even available, and the ones that are are often so badly designed it’s not even funny anymore. Oh, and can you say ‘Pile of crap?’, because that is how one would describe the vast number of available apps in there.

A complete joke, it reminds me of the Nokia Ovi app store.

– No clue what so ever

After spending my first evening with it, after getting rid of all the useless apps and the useless bloatware (Norton!), I decided to call it quits, and wanted to shut down the laptop.

And I couldn’t find the shut down button/command. Say what? Yeah, I couldn’t find it. After spending 20 years in various Windows builds, I have come accustomed to finding the shut down button with my eyes closed.

Win95, 98, Me, XP, Vista, Win7 … all at the same location.

Now, in Windows 8, you have to hoover your mouse to the lower right corner of your screen, wait for the pop up menu thingy to come up, and then click on the necessary buttons.

Talk about breaking standards … for 20 years you build a piece of software in such a way it becomes a universal standard for everyone, only to completely break it apart in your next version.

Who ever at Microsoft that believed this was a good idea shoud be shot on the spot. No searching for a wall, no positioning, none of that. Just aim, fire, shoot …

But not even this pushed me to hate Windows 8 with a vengeance. No …

Not even the oh so obvious and ever present ‘please buy more at our app store, buy music here, buy videos here, buy xbox games here, buy buy, spend more money for us poor Microsoft. No, not even that …

What drove me to insanity yesterday evening was one of the most basic functions Windows has ever had. Windows Update …

Why does it take so fucking long? L O N G

L    O    N   G


Installing, configuring, installing … configuring … please do not shut down the computer while … aarrggh … I know asshole. Why the fuck would I turn of the computer while you are doing what ever it is your are doing you fucking piece of chinese crap machine.

The laptop has been in my hands for a week and a half now, and two times it has downloaded and installed updates. Yesterday was the straw.

1.5 hours to install and configure updates. 1.5 hours! And it wasn’t even that many. 19 updates …

Are you insane? Are we back to Windows 95?

The rage … oh the rage …

So, let this be a lesson, do not think ‘Oh i’ll just click yes and wait for it to finish’ at 00.10 am. You will be up for a treat …


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