World of Warcraft is dead

To me.

Yeah sorry, I baited you with the crappy title didn’t I?

Ofc WOW isn’t dead, its got plenty of people paying up and playing the game. But no longer am I one of those people. I gave up on the carrot on a stick gear chase that is WOW.

I got tired of the reputations, the factions, the tier 13 14 15 16 … To much of the same over and over.

So that left me hungry for an online game. And it so happens I still had Guild Wars 2 installed on my computer. So that is what I have been up to for the past two weeks.

And it’s scary to witness how much of a noob I was again in GW2.

Lucky for me my gaming buddy is still very present in the game, and is one of the Gunnar’s Hold WvW strongholders. She helped me settle in and I recently found a nice little guild to hang with.

Professions (classes)

Due to my nature, I’ve been swapping and trying out all the different professions in the game.

My main character is an Engineer, and I chose the flamethrower as my favorite weapon. A lot of hardcore people would now be screaming ‘noob’ or ‘go nades’, but thank god I don’t have to listen to them.

Yes the flamethrower does less damage than grenades, but it suits my playstyle. And I just hate the grenade spam builds … my wrists can’t handle that any more :-).


5 thoughts on “World of Warcraft is dead

  1. Haha, noob! Yeah you can do whatever you like and no one comments… people just do their thing and mind their own business.
    I was a bit miffed though when I wanted to try the new dungeon that’s emerged in Lion’s Arch .. I stood outside, asked for a party invite and got chucked out straight away, I’m guessing because I wasn’t level 80. I wouldn’t mind, but there was no word, no advice, no ‘sorry we’re just after level 80s’. I don’t get that.
    I really want to try a dungeon but don’t know how to look for people of the same level? Do I just ask?

  2. There’s a minor group of players in GW 2 that are not really into the whole mindset of the game. These are the people that pretty much only think Warriors and Guardians should ever run dungeons, and would kill for a DPS meter tool in the game.

    In general, you really want to avoid these kind of players :-). And the new dungeon unfortunately draws these people right in. Just ignore them 🙂

    Dungeons work different in GW2. There are a couple of them ( ), and like the zones in the game, your level is adjusted to the dungeon. Loot still drops according to your level though.

    The first dungeon opens up at level 30 (Ascalonian Catacombs).

    All dungeons have 2 modes, story and exploration. Exploration would be a heroic version (more difficult, better loot …).

    Also there is no LFD tool, so you either stand in L.A. looking for people, or you go to the zone where the dungeon is located, stand in front of the entrance and search for people there.

    Every time you reach a level where a dungeon unlocks, you receive and ingame mail telling you about it, and a link to your map pinpointing the location.

      • aww 😦 that’s a shame. To be fair I should be spending a bit more time doing stuff other than Guild Wars, it has sort of taken over. I keep snacking at 11pm after we come off as well which definitely not healthy. Need some lifestyle change 😀
        Hopefully I’ll see you around at some point anyway, yeah we are level 80 which is awesome 🙂 We’re doing a lot of the Living Story at the moment.
        Enjoy your time offline and maybe you’ll get your energy back 🙂

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