Live and let live, aka stop bitching about LFR and everything else

Is there anyone out there that enjoys spending time on the mmo-champion forum these days? I know I’m not.

So much excessive bitching about the LFR tool, how it’s responsible for the death of all the kittens in the world. How it stole every normal raid raider away from their team, and all that stupid crap.

To all the people claiming the above. Please go away and die.


People like this …

Seriously. What the *kitten*.

Why on earth do you even remotely care about the gear and tier pieces of other people. And I’m going out on a limb here and say this guy is a normal/heroic raider, why would you (he) even remotely care about the lesser people doing LFR?

What is it about LFR and the people running it that bothers you so much? Is it their existence? Is it the fact that most people can run around with shinies these days? What? Why the urge and need to complain about other people and the way they spend their game time and get return from it?

When ever you get into an argument with LFR haters you usually end up facing the sub numbers argument:

” At the end of TBC the game had the highest subscription number ever, there for that game model must have been the best and Blizzard should go back to it. Also, WOW is down to 8.3 million subs, haha, you see! The game is dying! Go back to TBC Blizzard !!!”

It’s always nice to see a well put argument backed up with facts and numbers.

The thing is, it just doesn’t compute, at all.

You see, when WOW launched, the mmo market was completely different that it is today. Actually, WOW is the number one reason the current mmo market exists as it is today.

Before WOW, you had Everquest by SOE. That title was considered a huge Western MMO with about 450.000 subs at its highest peak.

Also, lets not forget, for us Europeans to play a mmo, you were always stuck on US east coast servers. During those days of mmo’s, the european mmo market was not existent. Europeans were deemed pretty much unworthy of their own server farms.

Then came WOW. With European servers. People laughed. LOL. What? There are enough European gamers out there to justify the costs? Insane. But it turned out  to be true.

Nowadays pretty much every AAA title has european servers for their european gamers.

The game is dying!

Don’t you just love these kind of topics? No fact, no figures, no nothing. Just biased crap about some person who feels injustice has been done to them in a virtual world.


(/) Game is generating some revenue, silently doing it thing
(-) Game is dead and buried
(+) Game is generating decent revenue
(++) Game in a niche, focusing on specific crowd, doing well
(+++) Big generating revenue title

The games:

(/) Everquest 1 (1999 – still going silently)
(-) Shadowbane (2003 – 2009 ended)
(-) Star Wars Galaxies (2003 – 2011 ended)
(++) Eve Online (2003 – still going strong)

(+++) World of Warcraft (2004 – still going strong)

(+) Everquest 2 (2004 – still going silently)
(-) City of Heroes (2004 – 2012 ended)
(-) The Matrix Online (2005 – 2006 ended)
(/) Guild Wars (2005 – silently)
(+) Lord of the Rings Online (2007 – relaunch 2010 free to play)

(-) Tabula Rasa (2007 – 2011 ended)
(/) Vanguard (2007 – relaunch 2012 free to play)
(/) Warhammer Online (2008 – still going silently)
(/) Age of Conan (2008 – relaunch 2013 free to play)
(/) Champions Online (free to play 2009 – still going)

(/) Fallen Earth (2009 – relaunch 2011 free to play)
(/) Darkfall (2009 – still going silently)
(+) Star Trek Online (2010 – relaunch 2012 free to play)
(/) DC Universe Online (2011 – still going free to play)
(+) Rift (2011 – relaunch 2013 free to play)

(+) Star Wars TOR (2011 – relaunch 2012 free to play)
(++) Guild Wars 2 (2012 – still going)

You can debate on the scores I gave the games, but it doesn’t need much explaining to see that World of Warcraft, as an 8 year old game, is doing extremely well as a sub based game.

Of course subs are going to go down and up the older the game becomes. People constantly seek out new stuff to play and hope to catch that new and exciting feeling again.

But to simply say things like ” In the old days the game had more subs and therefor the game design was superior and MOP is the reason the game is loosing subs … ” is just plain stupid and totally ignoring the history and market changes in mmo’s.


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