Introducing my neighbour to WOW

Funniest thing ever. Kinda, almost …

My wife came home yesterday evening, with a huge smile on her face. When this occurs, as a dude, you should be on your guard. Because it could mean just about anything.

Turns out she was talking to the neighbours next door (we only recently moved to a new house) about neighbour-stuff-subjects.

And somehow, the conversation went from that to gaming … Oo … I know …

And it seems my neighbour-dude is also a gamerish person, he likes to play Rome: Total War. And his eye fell upon World of Warcraft the other day, because it looked cool to him, the fantasy-lore and all that neat geek-stuff .

Of course my wife immediately dropped the bomb saying ‘Hey my man plays WOW to!’.

And then my neighbour-dude got all frantic and excited. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could be buddies then? And he could help me learn the game and and and. Yeah he had it all worked out :-).

So my wife told me all this and left my gaming-room with a huge smile on her face. And left me sitting with the knowledge that soon I will have a new in game buddy with absolutely zero experience in massive multiplayer games.

Dear god oO.

Although a cool looking Recruit a Friend mount sounds tempting to me :-).


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