/flex is the new LFR

So the news is out, Blizzard is going to add another level of raiding to the game. And it will be something between LFR and normal difficulty.

You won’t be able to queue for it, you need at least 10 people, and a maximum of 25. The difficulty will be scaled accordingly. You can also invited people from your real ID (different servers). The loot will be similar, in between LFR and normal ilvl, and it will use the LFR loot drop system.

It sounds interesting. And it should really encourage pug raiding. Of course this will generate a new wave of old elitism and utter crap a la : ” LF 3 members need item level xxx, link achievements and pictures of your unborn children for an invite!“.

But it sounds interesting.
I’m curious what the effects will be for both LFR queue-times and the participation / drop of normal 10 man raiding groups.

This does prove they listen to complaints from players, because one complaint was often that LFR was to zerg / easy for people that wanted to do the harder stuff but didn’t have the time or schedule for it.

But does WOW really need more complexity?

LFR -> /flex -> Normal -> Heroic
Dungeons -> Heroic dungeons -> Challenge modes
Scenarios -> Heroic scenarios

Justice points, valor points, tokens, honor points, conquest points, cooking tokens, … there’s probably more I’m forgetting.

And they wonder why new people have their head blow up after spending a little time in game.


I really like the fact that you can invite real ID friends. That is a feature I’ve been looking forward to the most.


Since my departure from ‘Raid Team Fiasco’ I’ve been leveling a new character. This time an elemental Shaman, that will probably end up as restoration a lot.


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