Raiding is not the same anymore.

Back to blogging.

My raiding experience was short lived. And I’m partly to blame. Next time (that will not happen any time soon) I will make sure not to join a super duper casual group of people.

Within 2 runs of MSV (to help me gear up a bit) I was promoted to main tank and raid leader. It had something to do with me knowing everything about the fights. Not really a surprise, since I hate to go into a raid unprepared and look like an ass. So I like to read up on the Icy Veins raid guides (a lot).

Right that moment, when I got promoted (bombarded) to main tank and raid leader, my alarm bells should have gone off. Like all of them at once.

I told the current raid leader that I would be happy to lead during the encounters (call out mechanics etc) but that in no way I was interested in organizing the raid evenings, getting the people together and all that. That wasn’t a problem. She would do that no problems. She just didn’t feel comfortable leading a raid because she just had no clue.

Okay, all things good I guess(ed).

Not really. We wiped, and wiped and wiped, and mostly got through an encounter by over gearing it by a mile. And with a huge dose of luck on our side as well.

Then came Throne of Thunder.
Jesus Christ.

That is one raid with very very few forgiving fights. Especially for a 10 man raid. And especially for an unexperienced super casual raid group.

First boss Jin’Rokk was a true test. A real eye-opener for me. Basic movement and raid coordination check. A pain in the ass really. From having to tell my co-tank to taunt to calling out pools and calling out orb drop locations … all the time … during the entire encounter, while tanking the boss. Wipe after wipe after wipe.

After 3 weeks of fighting this boss, we somehow managed to get the kill. Everyone was in absolute joy on mumble, except me. All I could think was ‘F i n a l l y. O M G … f i n a l l y’.

Then came real deal. Horridon. Now don’t get me wrong, in my humble opinion this boss is not a suitable 2nd boss for a raid. This guy breaks guilds apart.

He didn’t break the guild I was in, but he sure broke me. He broke my belief in the raid group. No way in hell these people would ever get far on current content without over gearing it by a mile.

I got to a point where just before starting the raid evening, I had this urge to log out of the game. When you start thinking ‘Dear god another 3 hours of wiping due to people not having a clue’ you are in trouble.

And I mean the not having a clue part.
In the Heart of Fear raid  there is the Amber Shaper boss. This is a bitch of a fight, where your raid team has to have awareness. During the encounter, random people (in phase 3) are transformed into a Mutated Construct. The most important thing to remember is to interrupt this thing called Amber explosion using a self interrupt ability.

We tried this boss so many times. So so so many times, and we never got far into phase 3. Because people either didn’t get the concept of watching the cast of amber explosion, and didn’t want to use Deadly Boss Mods to aid in the encounter.

So … Horridon …
After so many tries … again … my mood started to change. My raid leading changed and it is true I became less and less forgiving of very basic mistakes.

And people started to get annoyed by it. One person said to me ‘We learn by banging our heads to a boss over and over and hope he just falls over and dies out of boredom’.

Sounds funny, but after so many bangs I just couldn’t see the funny anymore …

So I stopped raiding in the team.

Rose-colored glasses and raiding. Now that’s funny.


6 thoughts on “Raiding is not the same anymore.

    • Hehe, thanks 🙂 Glad you got some giggles from it. Looking back now I can see the funny, but it were a couple of really weird weeks raiding in that team.

    • That’s what I kept saying to myself over and over, they will learn and it will become better once we get attuned to each other and we start to have some sort of flow in the team etc.

      And I realise I do sound like some frustrated elitist, what is actually quite the opposite. Everyone makes mistakes and we all have to learn etc, but it’s just that I saw zero improvement what so ever.

      Like I wrote, when I got the honor of main tanking and guiding the raid after 2 runs I should have smelled the coffee 🙂

      • Oh yeah, that would have been a dead give-away from the beginning. I used to raid hardcore and gave it up to just kick back and enjoy the game a bit – found out that there was a whole lot to do out there. Raiding can get to be a little too time consuming and a bit too ..much like work. Hang in there – you’ll find a niche to get through this. *hugs*

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