I wanna be an airborn raider

It’s always a good sign if you’re spending more time ingame than blogging about it. Well in my case it is. And my truly new found casual approach probably has something to do with it as well.

Updates on the front lines are:

  • Playing as a Survival Hunter is not difficult at all. However the single target DPS sucks monkey balls (at ilvl 461, hopefully at higher ilvls it gets better).
  • The AOE of Survival is awesome. And easy. And Barrage is a cool and fun ability to use. 
  • It’s been a week since my ding to level 90, and I’m already LFR ready. That went a whole lot faster than I expected. OK, someone generous gave me a Raiment of Blood and Bone chest item (ilvl 496). Combined with some heroic dungeon pieces and two epic valor pieces, and I was ready to go.

Isle of Thunder

Is amazing. Well, the looks and feeling of the place that is.

There are a shitload of mobs there, and getting to one place and the next is often a pain, especially at ilvl 461. Shit takes some serious time to die. But then again, as a Hunter, compared to my Rogue, this is a walk in the park. Send in the Tenacity pet and just keep shooting until the baddies drop dead.

The dailies are plenty, but they are not that mind-killing. Actually I don’t mind doing them at all. There have been days I’ve skipped them, but that’s because there’s so much fun elsewhere.


Is going fine and dandy. Not the most difficult faction to grind, and for some reason farming and upgrading all the plots is kinda fun. Ha. Who knew?


Is where I spend to much time on. Dammit.

I’m starting to get addicted to collecting mail armor pieces. In fact, my entire bank is slowly getting out of hand with all the armor collected. Every time I find a low green or a cool looking item on the AH I’m like ‘Better keep it stowed away for laterssss’. And then you end up with 4 bags filled with green and blue items.

Raiding blues

Are already over. Jesus christ, that was fast.

I’ve been shopping the server and found several guilds that kinda qualified as a raiding guild. And if I had to sum up my experiences so far I’d use the word DRAMA. And that is for seeking a casual non-heroicnon-pushing-progression raiding guild!

h o l y s h i t

I’ve been offered a raid-substitute position, where one (myself) had to be online  during the raid (3 evenings a week) and ever ready to fill in if need be.
Yes that is how I like to spend my precious gaming time, by being ever present in a video game.

Then I’ve also been offered a place in a rotation system, where the guild had loads of people who were interested in raiding, but often didn’t have the option of attending on a regular schedule.
So it could happen that one week you were in the raid, and the week after you were benched due to a rotation. I’m not sure this works well for raiding … it could work for a soccer team if you’re Bayern Munchen or whatever, but for raiding? A little weird.

And now I’ve found a fairly decent group of adult gamers that are into raiding. They have two raid teams, the second one being the most casual. A lot of people new to raiding.

It seems promising was it not for the fact that the team suffers from having regulars and often tanks.

I spoke to a person a while ago about alts and what not, and mentioned the fact I had a Warrior tank and a Priest healer. And now they kinda shopped around asking me if I was interested in becoming the main tank for the second raid team.

They invited me to their Ventrillo channel the other day, to listen in during one of their attempts on the Heart of Fear (I believe it was HoF). And the coordination was unbelievable crap. Not to mention the performance of several DPS members ( as in: ‘Are they AFK or something?” ) .

They struggled and struggled, but finally managed to get some progress, but that was only due to the presence of the main tank, who just happens to be the main tank for the first raid team.

I’m still not really sure what to do.
Maybe better to attend several runs with my Hunter who, if luck is on my side in LFR, will be proper geared fast.


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