The final DING

Yesterday was the last DING on my little Hunter character. Is it me or did the experience needed to level the last two levels (88 – 89) got nerfed? Because it seemed to go much faster than on my other characters.

But hey, I’m not complaining. No more leveling is a good thing. Now I can just concentrate on the fun stuff.

What have I been up to?

Well, seeing how I got my ilvl up to 435 easy, a couple of heroic dungeons wouldn’t hurt. To bad the loot gods did not agree on my plan, because I only got a disappointing two new pieces out of three runs. Man that sucks.

Which heroics did I run? It was the Shado-Pan temple thing, the one with the Klaxi  bugs in it, and the revamped Scarlet Halls. The last one proved to be the most challenging, because we had a gung-ho fresh tank, and mobs in there hit like a truck.

Stuff still happens like before, no one saying a single word in chat. And everything is mindless AOE spam.

Here I’m seeing the beauty of the Survival skill tree, because it is king at AOE damage. Not bad to get 52k DPS with mostly green gear.

I’ve also taken a peek at the new Isle of Thunder, with all the solo instances. I really like the way they are doing this. The way you get to experience all the lore and story on your own, without being bothered by other people in a zone. I really hope Blizzard keeps on delivering content in a solo instance way.

Battle plan for the immediate future?

– Keep on doing heroic dungeons to get my ilvl up to 460 making me LFR enabled.
– Slowly do the quests and dailies for the Tillers and get my farm going.
– Find a decent transmog set

Community and news

You made warriors dual 2h weaps you dedicated whole mop to locks why cant hunters dual 1h guns?
It would require a lot of new animation and itemization and we’re not sure the gain, while positive, would be worth the cost. (And whenever I say “cost” I am talking about production time, which is much more salient to our development than dollars.)

That kinda sucks :-). Dual wielding one handed pistols or crossbows would be totally awesome. Like it looks in Diablo III. Then again, being able to play with your US friends would be cool to, like it is in Diablo III. Oh well …

Transmog ideas

Some sets put together by others that look really interesting.

Black and greenish

Bony and scary looking

Rogue like



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