Raiding. What’s it like again?


After reading int’s blog post about a raid progression kill I suddenly had this flashback to long past memories.


The long evenings with a group of 9 other people, trying hard to overcome an encounter, trying to get the kill.

To be honest I’ve been having the raiding-itch for some time now. And I blame my brother. That bastard server changed a while ago, and joined some mutual friends guild on a different server that was in need of proper DPS people.

Anyway, we hang out on Skype during our WOW playtime, and when I’m happily questing and leveling my Hunter or whatever, he’s in a raid (currently Throne of Thunder) kicking serious ass. I did mention he’s a leet Warlock?

So during his raiding, he’s also on Ventrillo with his guildies, and I can often hear the conversations and shiat going on. And that’s where the raid-itch comes from.

But I’m a realist. I truly am. Raiding on my schedule? With my current situation? Pft, is it possible? Are there guilds out there that raid only once or twice a week on my server?


2 thoughts on “Raiding. What’s it like again?

  1. Raiding can be bit grinding on your RL schedule. You could try look around on your current server to see if there are any “casual” raiding guilds that only raid once or twice a week. I don’t know your schedule, however, it wouldn’t hurt to check the forums either- just wade through the “stuff” and you might find what you’re looking for. Just a suggestion.

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