Pets a gogo

I’ve managed to squeeze in a little playtime yesterday, and life as a Goblin Hunter is slowly coming back to me.

A little note on being a Goblin: Everything is so much bigger. And that includes pets. A raptor pet looks like a dinosaur. A devilsaur pet looks like a … euhm … even bigger dinosaur.

In order to avoid future moments of panic like “Oh god my pet is going to trample meeeee” I am on the market for a new pet, maybe a pet or two / three.

What better place than Petopia? (All images below are from WOW Petopia).

Unfortunately exotic pets are out of the question, because I’ve grown tired of the Beastmaster spec. Yes it is a powerful specialization and yes, it may be the better DPS tree of them all, but who cares.

I chose Survival baby!

So, back to pets.
This time around, I’m going to stick to using the uncommon pets, and I’m not going to judge a pet by its abilities either.

Bats are not that common (wild guess here), but if I remember correct, they are kinda huge and flappy, and tend to get in your way a lot. Bummer.

Dogs are relatively newish on the block, and I don’t see them often.

Monkeys are not the meanest looking evil bastards in the game, but they sure look like fun to me.

And then you have the Serpents, especially the arcane ones, that have this freaky glowing thing going.

For some reason I have a thing for Boars, and the blue felboars look like they walked right out of a nightmare. Blue skin, spikes and glowy eyes. Yuck. I love it.

Goats are new to, and they would suit a Dwarf Hunter well. Not to sure about Goblins though.

Anyway, this little pet-thing will keep me entertained for a bit. And by browsing different Hunter blogs out there it is even more interesting to match your outfit (armor) to your pet. Where do some people find the time?

Survival of the fittest

They don’t call it that for nothing!

Like I said above, I’ve grown tired of Beastmaster. Having to depend on your pet for quite a large % of your DPS, and having to manage the sometimes weird pet AI is what made me choose Survival.

It’s new to me, but luckily the standard DPS rotation and priorities are pretty basic and straightforward.

Hunters still have a shitload of buttons to press, but most of them are situational extra utility goodies and gadgets. In the little moment of questing I did yesterday in Townlong Steppes I still pulled way to many mobs at the same time, and still only spammed multishot and explosive shot and arcane shot like a madman. And I survived. So the Survival skill tree lives up to its name.

It’s more fun to not have to care that much about your pet at certain times. Just turn it into a defensive pet and let it do its thing while you do your pewpew.

It’s all about the looks baby!

As a little Goblin with a pile of size-oriented-complexes, needless to say we need to overcompensate this with a huge gun. The one pictured above will do just fine. It drops somewhere in a dungeon far far away. Meh.


5 thoughts on “Pets a gogo

    • Yep the monkey is a sure thing. He reminds me of the little monkey from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc. Now I just need to find an Indiana Jones outfit …h m m.

      Warpstalkers? You mean those beasts that make that weird iew iew sound? To big for my Goblin taste.

  1. The monkey in the fez would be ideal for a goblin. Yes for the Survival!! Woot! I dual spec the majority of my hunters with BM and SUR just to have that quick change of pace. All during LOTLK I ran MM because that was the thing back then, however, when Cata came along – SUR became my favorite spec.

    If you want a really huge “gun” – well, I’ve gotten some through my archeology that have just been hysterical, however, I’ve had to transmog them since I play with the game sound on and my better half can’t stand the pewpew of the guns.

    • The monkey it is for sure then 🙂

      Cool guns from Archeology? I need to look that up. Are they hard to get? Wait, it’s archeology so that was probably a silly question of mine.

      • Just time consuming and the nice part is that they are BOA which means that it can be sent to your other characters that can use them at level 85, I believe. I’m just one of those weirdos that likes to do it, I guess.

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