A bug and a brain

I promised an update on the character issue, so here it is.

In his eternal wisdom, my main man Wesley decided on letting me keep my Huntard to roam the World of Warcraft.

The reason: “He’s got cats and lions, and a bug with its brains sticking out!”
Yeah, how can a zombie argue with those well made points.

It’s a bug with brains. Straight from Starship Troopers!

Did I mention Wesley has the mind of a 15 year old ? No I guess I did not.

His decision made my life easier :-). Stupid as it may sound. Here I am, pondering and weighing every single thing possible, this character, that character. Why, how, if, then, …

And he just picks the Hunter class because it has a bug with brains sticking out. Amen.


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