Revenge of the Beetle

Why do I always sound like a movie title or a movie quote?

Anyway, I’ve been entertaining a good friend lately into the World of Warcraft without playing (being able to) myself. And watching him play and discover everything as a complete and utter newbie has been a blast.

Can you feel it coming?

I do miss playing MMO’s. But like I said in my previous post, life is pretty dense at the moment, and if I want to have fun in an online video game I better come up with a plan instead of the usual messing around with 12 characters.

Some characters got deleted in the last few days (Thanks Wesley! You could have sent the gold to another character you know!!) so that makes deciding easier.

Deciding what exactly?
Well, alt life to be honest. It is a biatch. Even though I am a person who loves to try basically everything all the time (ADD), I know it’s also my downfall in mmo’s (ADD).

So, I have given my friend a daunting task. I asked him to delete all but one character. And I told him he can decide on his own which character I am going to keep.  So this evening, he will decide for me, what my future only the lonely character in World of Warcraft will be.  Exciting isn’t it?

Handing over the reins, the control. Just sitting behind the steering wheel of a car and letting go of it. Let the chips fall where they may. (<- See! Another movie quote!).

More news at 21.00 hrs.


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