GW2 is great and haven’t touched that other game since

That other game would be World of Warcraft of course.

Ever since I started playing Guild Wars 2, the fun is back in my casual evening gaming. And it’s mainly because GW2 takes a different approach to the MMO genre.

1. People tend to be less of an asshole

A pretty important factor.
You see, when ever I encounter a random someone in GW2, I’m NOT annoyed by their presence. They are not hindering my game play, they can’t really steal your questmobs because everything spawns so fast. They can’t steal your resource nodes because everyone has their own nodes.

In fact, having another person around you means one thing, events (quests) get done faster, and the chances of defeating a champion mob (group events) are better because of the extra manpower.

Loot is not an issue since everyone has their own loot from kills …

And the most cool thing ever, everyone can revive other people. See someone go down? You can help him/her out.

All these things, and probably more i’m forgetting, make you act less of an asshole. Even if it is unintended, the asshole-factor is diminished because of the system in place.

Totally awesome.

2. No traditional roles (tank – healer – dps)

This was (and still is) a tricky thing to get used to. The main thing to pay attention to is … yourself. If you die during a group event, or in a dungeon, it is because you’re not paying attention to something and got your ass handed to you.

This alone makes me love GW2. Personal responsibility.

3. Everything you do makes you level your character.

Whether it’s doing events, crafting, exploring … it’s all possible while playing the game naturally.

4. Level scaling makes all content a ‘challenge’

Visiting a low level zone scales your level down to that zone, so you don’t feel like a god walking the earth. No insta-gibbing mobs.

I wasn’t convinced at first (What the point mammy!!???) but in the end, this turns out to be interesting. The loot you get is scaled to your actual level, but Β everything stays interesting.

5. World of Warcraft is doing it wrong, intentionally

Funny story, the other day me and my gaming buddy Tally were standing in front of the first dungeon of the game, and we wanted to do it for the first time.

Now in GW2 there is no dungeon finder, so you actually have to go old school and ask in the map chat channel to find other party members.

Anyway, we get to the dungeon entrance and there a bunch of people standing there, only no chat in /say or /map. No one was talking.

So I just go /m LF3M AC story mode

And immediately I get 3 private messages from people wanting to join our group. Upon inviting them I asked why they weren’t advertising a search in the chat, seeing how they were standing here in front of the dungeon entrance before us.

And all of them answered something like ‘I’ve never done a dungeon before in this game and just want to keep a low profile. Don’t want to get yelled at for doing something wrong.’

To which I said : ‘I’m guessing you’ve all played WOW before right?’

And all of them did …

After that we zoned into the dungeon, got our arses kicked several times (think 4 times), and had a shit load of fun in the process. And the cool part? No one left the group, no one complained, no one insulted. The extra cool part? We actually talked in party chat about the dungeon.

Dungeon finder tool? I will pass tyvm …


12 thoughts on “GW2 is great and haven’t touched that other game since

  1. Hello again! πŸ™‚
    My boyfriend played the first Guild Wars game about 4 years ago. He didn’t like it very much – one reason was because in group play, there was a cut scene somewhere, and he thought a player had done something to skip it when he wanted to watch the whole thing.
    The tiniest things can put him off though, I mean, he plain refused to go in WoW dungeons for a couple of years simply because the one time he tried, he didn’t know what he was doing! lol. Unfortunately, such is the way of life. We all have to practise to become good.
    It’s seems however, that WoW is just a place for the elite to become more elite. I don’t feel that there’s much hope for new players, especially now.

    That’s why I’m so looking forward to the Elder Scrolls online. A new start. K has his own proper gaming computer now, and I just need to build mine πŸ˜€

    Your thoughts here about Guild Wars 2 has made me think of entering this realm as well though. If there’s one thing I value more than anything, it’s friendliness and a feeling of belonging. There are so many people I’ve chatted to on WoW, only for them to disappear. I seem to be the only person that suggests ‘friend-ing’, but then again, I’ve never been successful because they’re on different realms. And who wants to use the Real ID thing to trade email addresses with someone they’ve spoken to once?

  2. You’re right about the trading of real ID. I’ve got 5 people in my Real ID, and 4 of those I know in real life. Why would I indeed start trading my email to ‘random’ people.

    GW2 is very different, and in a casual approach, a very entertaining game. After a while though, you do see the mistakes and downside of the game though. But they are not game breaking. Just a constant reminder that for some reason, when it comes to MMO’s, there is no escape from the grind-concept.

    I’ve tried numerous times to get my other half to play along, but alas, she’s not into fantasy gaming at all. I once got here to play Titans Quest, a Diablo like RPG. She played a Druid character because she got to run around with a wolf. Unfortunately she had no clue what to do most of the time, so the fun didn’t last long :-).

    She’s amazing at Tetris though, beats my highscores without even breaking a sweat. πŸ™‚

        • Yes different servers can play together thanks to a system called ‘Guesting’. You can choose to log into the game on a different server than your homeserver. And then you can play on that server as a guest. There’s no difference than playing on your own server :-). When you feel like going back to your homeserver you simply logout and end the Guesting.

          Convenient little system.
          About interacting, I don’t know actually. I don’t think there is a system like where you can PM people on different servers.

          You and your husband found a guild yet? If you guys feel like it we could be-friend ingame, and do some group events together once and a while.

          I started a Ranger yesterday as well, for those moments I want to not carry a flamethrower :-).

          • Oh I see, thanks for the explanation! I have so much to learn πŸ˜€
            Yep we have found a guild called Pandion Knights, it all feels very new though, I think most of them Teamspeak which I’m too shy to do. Not sure if I fit in lol.

            Yeah it would be great to hook up and do something, we are still struggling to find a group to pack-hunt with if you know what I mean. Even in the guild, we feel quite alone because we have no idea what people are talking about half the time. It’s a new set of bloody abbreviations to learn over again.

  3. Hehe, yeah I have that to sometimes.

    I’m on our guild TS server once and a while, and often I use Skype to talk to my ingame buddy.

    The shyness will go away after a while πŸ™‚ Once you’re used to chatting, typing in partychat seems so 1980’s πŸ™‚

  4. It’s been great having a run-around with you, I thank you and your other ingame buddy πŸ™‚
    I’ve got a rudimentary microphone and headphones set-up now, did a test call on Skype and it seems to be working well! I will probably buy a proper headset at some point as my microphone has to be clipped to me and I can see that getting annoying πŸ˜›
    My Skype name is *** (edited for spamprotection)

    • Awesome πŸ™‚

      And it was fun roaming the world together, to bad we didn’t get a chance to finish AC.

      We’ll get it done, no worries. There are plenty of dungeons I haven’t done myself. And with the loot scaling there’s no pressure to have to do them.

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