Guild Wars 2. Kinda different and exciting

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 exclusively, and it is a nice change of pace. I’ve also come to terms with my WOW bored mentality lately. After so many years of playing WOW, I guess it’s only natural to get annoyed and bored with the game, or certain aspects of it.

So here I am, playing a ‘new’ game I know pretty much nothing about, and I tend to keep it that way. No WOW Head stuff here, a total newbie experience.

And as a true alt-o-maniac, I’ve decided to level every profession (class) to at least level 10 to get a good feeling of the different play styles. This is due to the very different mechanics of GW2. No holy trinity, no pure tank / healer / DPS roles.

So far I’ve tried


A ranged type class, uses a pet to aid in roles. My first choice of the game, and I’ve already come to the conclusion this class is annoying as hell. Not because it isn’t fun to play, it actually is, the longbow ranged DPS, the traps etc.

It’s the fact that the pet AI is unbelievable crap. As in it pretty much does what it wants, and that usually means pulling every freakin’ mob in a 250 mile radius. And I mean that. It is freakin’ shit.

I can’t imagine doing dungeons like this and aggroing everything all the time. Not the best way to make friends in a game.


A caster class, capable of cloning and summoning illusions. Nice DPS, great control and survivability if you play it correct. Also tricky to play at times, a lot of managing the illusions and clones etc.

Undecided if I’m going to keep playing this fellow. I’ve talked to some people and I’ve heard pretty much the same answer every time, the Mesmer class kicks ass at level 80.


A pure caster, fire water and air schools of magic. Very nice DPS, cool spells that go boom. Turns out the water school of magic can do some serious healing if that is what you like. I didn’t expect that.

Playing an Elementalist isn’t really difficult, lots of things that go boom, lots of AOE spells. Don’t think I’m going to stay with this class.


The dude with the turrets and gizmos. I was pretty excited about this, but as it turns out the turrets are severely under powered and they lack badabing.

On the other hand, playing as a dual pistol wielding – grenade throwing – flamethrower napalm bursting mofo is actually quite entertaining. Very weird class, not the best DPS so far, but definately the king of kiting. Very different that what I expected. This isn’t a static class. You are out there dodging and rolling, throwing grenades and whipping out a flamethrower when there are loads of mobs together.

At one point I aggro’d a bunch of mobs, and more and more, and at a given moment I had 6 mobs on my ass that were one level above me.

Lets get one thing straight, I am used to the current WOW model, where you would laugh at the above sentence I just wrote. In Guild Wars 2, that laughing is over pretty fast.

However, thanks to the awesome kiting while placing mines and grenades, I was able to wear those mobs down. And it surprised me. Because that wouldn’t have been possible with my Mesmer … so the Engineer class definately has tricks up its sleeve.


The stereotype ‘tank’ class, even though there are no traditional roles in GW2. But I guess you can’t truly escape a tank class in a MMO that has mobs beating on people.

It’s not a tank in the traditional way of tanking, instead it’s more like semi-tanking, where you are capable of taking a beating for a short period of time thanks to self healing, active damage migitations and smart play.

I wasn’t open for this class at first, but after leveling a bit, he is growing on me.


The rogue class. Capable of stealth and heavy spike damage. I’m not really interested in having a glass cannon like character, so this class is a no no at the moment.


I partied with a Necro the other day for quite some time, and saw how he did his thing. Summoning minions and  micro-managing them all the time. And seeing them behave like the Ranged pet made me cry inside. Sorry necro class, but you’re a no go for me.


Currently labelled the OP class in GW2. Pretty cookie cutter high DPS class. Not interested.

Play time so far

It has been a blast. For the obvious reasons, it is a new game, it’s different and all that jazz. But everything just blows you away.

The art style is amazing.
The world is beautiful and screams for exploration.

The fact that grouping and interacting with fellow players is encouraged at every point.

  • You don’t share resources nodes. What you see is only for you. No one will ninja that mine while you clear the mobs surrounding it
  • You share XP and loot on quest mobs. See a fellow player fighting a boss mob for a quest? Join in and get your own loot. No need to wait and hope the player dies so the mob resets.
  • Events and group events are advertised on the map. Go to the location and see if there’s anyone around to group with.
  • Everyone is able to resurrect other players. See someone go down? Help him out and get achievement progressions, great for your daily karma chest.

I’ve grouped and talked to more random strangers in this one week of Guild Wars 2 than in a year of World of Warcraft. That alone made me seriously re-think my respect to Blizzard.

And of course, many thanks to my WOW guildie Tally, who upon hearing me super-excited on Skype day after day (Oh look at this, oohh look at that, amazing) couldn’t resist and joined me in my GW2 adventures.

Lets hope we both can decide on a ‘main’ character and get going soon :-).


A starting location on the world map, zoomed in completely


Same location on world map, only zoomed out completely. Amazing shiat


Charr Ranger standing at my first ‘Itzz bootieful’ comment on skype.


Mesmer character enjoying puzzle stairs and a waterfall


Same Mesmer character wielding a greatsword. Doesn’t he look badass?


Me and Tally looking cute and deadly.


Night time and statues, always a winner for screenshots


Same statue but daytime.


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