Guild Wars 2, yeah I caved in

So I bit the dust, and bought Guild Wars 2 yesterday.

After reading about the new daily quest hub in Patch 5.2, the new LFR in patch 5.2 with its associated reputation grind, I just slammed my head on to my desk and said ‘Fuck it’.

Why any person over at Blizzard HQ thinks it is entertaining to have new factions and reputation grinds every patch is beyond me. Because it is so NOT.

Launch: Gear up -> Factions -> Reputation grind -> Gear and mounts rewards
Patch 5.1: Keep gearing up -> New faction -> Reputation grind -> More gear and mount rewards
Patch 5.2: New LFR -> Gear up again -> New faction -> Reputation grind again -> More gear and a cool mount.

Maybe it is just me, maybe I’m getting to old for this shit, but somewhere along the line, I just can NOT see the fun in this anymore. Add to that the complete bullshit from Blizzard Community Managers like the below screenshot …

blues-bullshitIt is so clear that MoP was made with one big though in mind.

Player retention.

Keeping players ‘busy’ for as long as possible. That is why everything is so gated through reputation grinds and dailies dailies dailies. It’s to keep you ‘entertained’ at a controlling rate.

Now, in my humble opinion, they forgot about one little small insignificant detail. This thing called FUN. Lets be honest here. Do you do dailies because they are fun? Or because they have rewards / carrots at the end of the ride? Like valor gear, recipies, cool mounts … Whatever.

“I do. I enjoy them, I find them useful to do something outside my daily dungeon/raid routine. I’ve only stopped running them once I’ve hit exalted with all Pandaria factions.”

So wait, he says he enjoys them and that they are ‘useful’ to do outside his daily routine. (I love how he threw the word daily in there to describe it). That doesn’t make sense.

I wrote an essay about why his reply was complete and utter bullshit, but I just deleted it. It’s not even worth it. I’m trying to prove a Blizzard employee is crapping bullshit and for what … to log in and do more dailies because I like a mount locked behind exalted. No thanks.

That Blizzard employee can have and love his useful dailies. I’m going to try GW2. I’m currently not leaving WOW behind, due to having cool and entertaining guildies (/wave Tally).


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