Transmoging is not my thing

So I decided my Priest should have a new look, and upon browsing the huge available looks out there already assembled by other more patient people, I decided to go for the Silver-thread Regalia.

Not my character. Image is from WOWHead transmog DB.

It is a bit uncommon because it does not consist of a robe and it makes you look like a freakin’ Rogue ninjaah, so as a Priest this is kinda cool.


I forgot that as an Undead minion of Sylvanas, everything has bones sticking out of places. Like the pants … the pants is not completely down the legs, no, they stop halfway through.

It’s just yuck. So now my Priest looks a boy-scout, with pants that are cut off at the knees and boots that don’t even resemble the ones you see in the picture by a mile. All this time gathering the items and the craftables for the items … (thank you Tally for the help (/bow)) … just wasted. Transmoging … bleh.


4 thoughts on “Transmoging is not my thing

  1. It’s not bleh. You just need to adjust your approach! First, remember that you have no knees anymore, and also, that Forsaken apparently hate cobblers and/or can’t get a pair of boots with toes.

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