It’s not healthy for the game he said


There you have it. One (the?) of the reasons for the removal of tabard reputation grinding in dungeons. Queuing from cities is no longer deemed fun and YOU need to be out in the world to have FUN.

So euhm, what happens if you like to queue for dungeons with friends and guildies? So euhm, what happens if you’re not that much into repeating daily content, over and over and over. To hear the same panda every single day until you hit reverend and are finally able to buy X piece of headgear armor.

Sorry, according to Blizzard (and an army of unknown players according to GC) the fun lies in zerging a zone with your flying mount, chain-completing a bunch of dailies while competing and stealing mobs from other anonymous players doing the exact same thing.

There is the FUN. It is not what you enjoy to do! You are wrong. It is in the open world where you can be social and enjoy the company of complete random strangers.

Because it is not healthy to the game to sit in a city all day long and queue, nooooooo. It is way healthier for the game to ninja-zerg zone after zone as fast as humanly possible in order to get it over with. It is way healthier for the game to be constantly annoyed by your fellow players because they are competing with your daily quest mobs.

It is nice to see GC and Blizzard suddenly saw the light and realized they had to re-invent the social experience of a MMO, thereby changing visions and design philosophies accordingly. Only to bad the player base did not get that memo.

Lets also rape GC’s quote there shall we?

“Plenty of people are running dungeons (and scenarios and LFR). In Cat they only ran dungeons and got bored quickly.”

So wait, only running dungeons makes you bored quickly, but running dungeons, scenarios and LFR doesn’t? Newsflash GC, people get bored equally fast now. Aren’t scenarios and LFR the same principle as dungeons? Why would people suddenly become less bored now? Because there are more instanced options?

“I think some of you just hate dailies period.”

He gets it! He really gets it!
And then he also misses it by a mile. I don’t think a lot of people hate dailies. But I do think they hate dailies being the ONLY option to acquire reputation for the various factions in Pandaria. To bad he doesn’t get that. Or he doesn’t want to get it.


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