State of my characters: Zombie style

I’m flip flopping through characters every day. One day I’m playing this, the other I’m playing that. It’s OK, they say WOW is a friendly casual place these days.

My brother on the other hand is a min-max player. He has only one character, and he will do whatever it takes to get that little +2 stat upgrade.

So once more, it is time for an analysis of the different characters on my login screen. Who is worthy of my precious attention?

90 Priest

I have a strange love / hate relationship with my Priest. One minute I’m down with the powers of Shadow, and the next minute I’m annoyed by the wannabee warlockery.

Also, the healing style is seriously loosing my vote of confidence. Not because Priest healers suck, but because it is so damn slow, and this is causing a serious lack of fun for me. Discipline has the advantage of being somewhat different, but in the end, when it comes to the actual healing, it’s still slow. Don’t get me wrong, the current state of a well geared Discipline Priest is awesome (stats wise), but the fun factor is meh.

90 Rogue

Did I mention I got my hands on a precious new dagger? Hmm, OK, I got it as a present from a sweet guildie of mine (/bow Tally) so it’s not like I had to do anything dangerous for it, like wrestle a dragon or something.

Patch 5.2 is supposed to have a lot of changes for Rogues, and I’m seeing a lot of excitement and happy faces from Rogues on the forums.

Still, I’m in the waiting camp for now. The tweaks in patch 5.2 look nice, but it changes little to the dynamics and game play of a Rogue. Playing Assassination is still underwhelming and mainly a poison damage monster.

I’m trying to sneak in a LFR here and there, but I’m just not impressed with the Fan Of Knives AOE gameplay and all that jazz.
And lets be honest, playing as a ranged class these days has so many advantages … Every time I’m in a LFR as a melee my brain starts to hurt from all the ADD flashy spells and abilities going off around my character.

88 Paladin

I’m in love with the Holy Paladin. It has a very different approach to healing, and it takes some getting used to after a lifetime of Priest healing. It has fast direct insta-heals that make it fast -paced gogo action figure style, and it has slow big healing modes.

There’s only one big catch to leveling and playing this toon … Retribution.

I  H.A.T.E it with everything I have. Is it me or is Retribution a paper plate wearing class? Everything gets your health down so fast it not funny anymore. I want to play a level 90 Holy Paladin, but in order to be all that, I do need a DPS build to do daily crap if I feel like it. And I just can’t seem to like Retribution. Major issues here.

62 Druid

Like the Holy Paladin, Restoration Druids are fast paced action heroes. Their heals feel engaging, direct, fun. I’m even trying Balance at the moment to do some casual leveling, and I like it, even though it is a complete mystery to me. But hey, you run around as a chicken shooting big ass laser beams at everything. How can it not be pure win?

The only thing keeping this toon down is the slow leveling I’m doing with it. Not on purpose, but the drag … this is my 9th toon I’m leveling, and it is seriously getting to me. You can only endure Outland and Northrend so many times. And then Cataclysm … dear lord.

Warrior, Hunter, Deathknight & several lowbie characters are out of the equation for the moment.


4 thoughts on “State of my characters: Zombie style

  1. Ret isn’t *that* bad… if you’re expecting a tank then you’re going to be disappointed, but they can manage some fair survivability. The tragic irony of ret, though, is that once you burn through the couple heals we can pull out, we do go down kinda quickly. The burst class is vulnerable to burst – assuming bubble’s on cooldown.

    I sat in Brawler’s and watched a druid make his way to rank 4 just by running in circles and spamming moonfire. Ranged has so many things easier, especially in those fights.

  2. Hm maybe I was a bit unclear or just lacking serious writing skills, but I didn’t mean to imply Ret is a bad class or anything. They can kill mobs fairly easy (if you know what you are doing) and yes when you build up your holy power charges you have some serious burst DPS.

    Retributions just doesn’t feel right to me. I feel unconnected to the mobs I am attacking. Everything is shiny bling-bling spells and sounds. Having to keep up that self buff all the time to increase your DPS is annoying as hell.

    And the paper feeling as a plate wearing class is ridiculously annoying.

    The holy power charges DPS style are a big turn off to the Retribution Paladin imo. But again, this is all a very very personal view.

    I don’t have any issues while leveling with Ret (quests), I don’t think I’ve died once leveling this toon. Ret has huge survival cooldowns (LoH, bubble, self healing). Maybe that’s why they are somewhat squishy? To balance the kickass cooldowns?

    Ret just has serious fun issues to me. I’m not at all a fan of the DPS style, build some charges, use them, build some more, use them … maybe 5 HP charges are just to many?

    Shadow Priest has 3 orbs to build, a somewhat similar system, but the way it interacts is very different. Feels way more natural and fluent.

    And it’s funny, I’ve never considered (felt) Ret to be a burst class 🙂 But you are probably right though. You have way more experience with the Paladin than me.

  3. It *is* possible to build a damage-based holy spec for questing and dailies and such. Unfortunately, I’ve never tried it so I can’t give you any real advice, but it might be fun for you to play around with.

    • I sometimes wack around with Holy Shock and the gimmicks in a dungeon group if things are going peachy, but I never considered making it work to quest, didn’t think that was possible.

      Thanks for the tip, I’m curious now. Might make a post out of it if I can get it to work. Anything to make me forget about Retribution 🙂

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