I’m still not a fan of this CRZ crap

Cross Realm Zoning, the new feature that unites different servers into the WOW zones, is still to this date, a very heated debate in the WOW community. Some love it, and lots of others hate it.

I’m tending towards the hate side.

Yesterday I was playing my 62 Druid, and I decided to go back to the low level zones and work on my skinning that I had neglected so far. So there I was in the Barrens, killing and skinning lions and hyena’s by the millions.

And suddenly there’s this other level 14ish Horde Tauren player, from another server, who was new or something, because he just charged into a pack of fresh respawned lions. And he lost health, and more health, and more and more … and he was going to die … right in front of my feet.

For some magical reason unknown to me, I heard this voice in my head ‘THO SHALL HEAL THIS NEWBIE !’. And when you start hearing voices, it’s always best to listen on the spot.

So I threw the little wannabee lion slayer a Rejuvenation … and nothing happened. I threw one more, and one more … and nothing kept happening.

What is this fowl magic I cried out loud!

And then the little bugger died in front of me. You’ve seen a Tauren die before right? The emote, the animation, the sound … ‘Arrghhh’. Needless to say, it was horrible. Something deep inside me stirred (It might have been the beans i ate before).

So then I felt real guilty. And I revived the fallen hero lion killer. And again … and again. Only nothing happened again. And then he released his spirit, and gone was the fallen one.

What must he/she have been thinking? Why doesn’t this higher level player help me? What kind of community is this?

So there we have this awesome CRZ function at work. Blizzard wants people in the zones, because for some shit reason they decided after 3 expansions this was so very very much needed, but wait a second … because all these people together in a zone can’t do jack shit. Apparently you can’t heal them, you can’t revive them, you sure as hell can’t trade them anything … so what’s left?

Right … you can compete for limited nodes, for limited rare spawns, for the same quest mobs, and oh yeah, you CAN talk to each other and insult the living shit out of each other. But forget about the fundamentals like healing and reviving.


4 thoughts on “I’m still not a fan of this CRZ crap

  1. I randomly partied with a lowbie priest the other day from a different realm (I decided to adopt him and make him my leveling buddy) … I don’t remember if he tried healing me, but I think he definitely used Power Word: Shield on me.

    Maybe you have to be in a party together first?

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