Torchlight 2: Why it’s awesome

I’ve been spending some time with my newly purshased Torchlight 2 (T2), and I’m totally loving the game. You’re gonna hate me for it, but it’s like Diablo 3, only not.

And that’s not really weird, knowing the game has been created by former Blizzard North developers, responsible for Diablo 1 & 2.

The biggest upside to T2 is the sheer fact there is no dependancy to an online Auction House like there is in Diablo 3. Loot and the loot drops are not influenced by a mythical something linked to a tool you do not wish to use.

And not surprisingly, in T2 you are responsible for building of your own character, like it was in Diablo 2. You will be spending skill points to unlock a huge tree of abilities. And even though I’m not that far into the game, because I’m trying all the different classes, I am an altoholic after all, I’m already witnessing the up and downside of this.

With the choice of building your own character comes the choice to mess up bigtime. You can only re-choose your last 3 skill points, meaning if you pick skills now and regret it later on in the game, you are kinda fooked, in the donker.

Luckily, there is a way around this. You are playing a single player game after all. I did some searching, and it turns out there are Respec Potions available in the game. The downside is you have to ‘create’ them using a console command. Some call this a ‘cheat’, others call it a necessary evil.

I call it necessary. I like to dabble in skill trees. I like to mix and try. And having to restart a character because you didn’t feel like spending 30m starting at a skill tree planning everything ahead, well …

So I’ve been playing the Engineer class, and focusing on a big canon build.

Big and bad, a glorified mean lean fighting machine


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