World of Warcraft blues

5 Days without playing World of Warcraft, I guess this is again the beginning of an end. This is how it usually starts anyway.

And I’m noticing the same with several of my friends, logging less and less game time.

For me, it’s a mix of different things:

  • Doing LFR over and over and not getting anything decent but a stupid 28g bag of fail
  • Doing dailies and dailies to unlock reputation rewards becoming more and more annoying. I’m not even grinding it, trying to mix it all up here and there, but it’s not helping. It is just so damn boring. I work 8 hrs a day in a demanding job, when I get home I want to farm reputation in a way I deem fun and entertaining. Having to zerg a zone and spamkill mobs for dailies is NOT what I mean.
  • PVP being a complete clusterfuck
  • The total and utter retarded posts from Blizzard CM’s on the forums. Everything they say is marketing and PR sugarcoated with bullshit.
  • The leveling of alts has hit a monumental wall of ‘Oh god how I loath this shit’
  • The community and fellow players in the game are at their lowest. When you start wishing bad things to your fellow players on a daily base, something is very very wrong from a design point of view. And seeing Blizzard not give a single fuck … well …
  • For some bizarre reason (read: personal) every class I play feels like shit. I can’t stand Priest healing anymore, being a Rogue ninja feels like a joke, doing the Hunter stuff makes me fall asleep and trying to level my Paladin makes me want to kill random strangers.

Maybe I should take this as a sign to stop playing WOW. Maybe, just maybe, this invisible line has been crossed for me, as a gamer. Is it my age? Is it my current real life situation? Am I no longer the market segment Blizzard is aiming for? Who the fuck knows?

All I know is … there is a serious lack of fun in WOW these days. How should I get it back? Can I get it back?


15 thoughts on “World of Warcraft blues

  1. Step 1: Quit LFR.
    Step 2: Quit dailies. Except for maybe the Tillers, sometimes, because you know you want some sheepies.
    Step 3: Quit that whole EU business and come play on WRA USA!
    Step 4: Become a transmog addict. Eff that thing where you try to be at the top of your game. Just shoot all teh things!
    Step 5: Quit reading the forums because there is no freaking point unless you wanna depress yourself.
    Step 6: Facepull every now and then.

  2. πŸ™‚

    1 – Okay, no more gear chasing
    2 – Okay, no more dailies

    This alone would make WOW a pretty barren game. It’s like paying to access a shiny chat channel then :-/

    3 – Wouldn’t that require buying a whole new US account? And all the games/xpacs? And starting from scratch?
    4 – Hehe … not really my thing I’m afraid :-))
    5 – LOL
    6 – I did last time I played my little Resto Druid alt. The poor tank was pulling and setting up the mob packs like it still was classic WOW. It was so cute to see. Except after 10 minutes it became a little frustrating :-/ So I asked him (her?) to pull some more at the same time. His (her?) reply: “Are you sure we are up to this?” … So cute. Ah the memories …

  3. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

    I watched the trailer, and the graphics look very nice. The combat on the other hand looks kinda clunky, like usually in an Elder Scroll game πŸ™‚
    There’s also no UI to judge in the trailer so that sucks.

    The comments from the lead director etc are the standard PR talk about a great and innovative new MMO that brings all the best from the last 15 years of MMO games together. Euhm, yeah okay πŸ™‚

    One of the upsides of being 36y old is not falling for PR crap like that.

    I liked hearing the fact that everyone gets rewarded for their effort, but on the other hand, that’s been tried before, and often the execution fails to deliver. So I guess it’s wait and see.

    Also, he talked about being able to choose your prefered role in combat. In writing that sounds awesome, in practice however this usually fails. Every time and again there are optimal roles and gimped role, and in group content, GL being a gimped contibutor.

    You sound like you’re keeping an eye out for the game? Is it going to be FTP or subscription based?

    • “Choose your role!” sounds suspiciously like “Death Knights can tank in any spec!” – great theory, in practise you’re going to end up with a Charlie Foxtrot.

    • Yeah, perhaps I don’t have enough age or MMO knowledge to make a more reasoned opinion of this. I just saw a shiny new game and went ‘whoopeeee!’.

      Jury’s out on whether it will be FTP or not. I would imagine it won’t be. I reckon about Β£4.99 per month or something to compete with WoW.

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