Brick wall incoming

This happens every now and then. This huge brick wall suddenly appears in front of you, and you smash into it like a bug on a car window.

I’m talking about the ‘PFFT’ also know as the ‘MEH’.

Like, when you log into the game, stare at your character, think what should I do, queue for LFR, do dailies, try to cap Valor this week … and you go PFFT, or MEH. And you then logout of the game.

I’ve been having this, a lot lately. So much even I bought two games on Steam, because they are having a winter-sale. I bought Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. I totally loved Borderlands 1, and when I saw it on sale it was a no-brainer.

Torchlight 2 on the other hand is like Diablo III, only without the crap online only Auction House loot crapola crap crapper crappest kitten infested kittens.


Also, I have decided to be bored with Priest healing. God it is awful these days. So goddamn slow healing it is making my eyes hurt everytime I cast something. And don’t get me started about Discipline healing, jesus what a boring crap fest is that. Not the Holy is that much better or more fun.

So Paladin healing is looking at me and saying ‘Oh come try me come try me’. Cool, I would, if it wasn’t for the fact you are only level 86, and did I mention how Retribution Paladin is THE most boring shit ever in the world and possibly Saturnus and Venus and Pluto combined?


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