Gear treadmill = gear treadmill

“Upgrading your items is meant to be a progression, but the new raid gear in Patch 5.2 will be better than your upgraded items, so upgrading everything isn’t mandatory.”

Holy fook.
So just when you think you’re finally getting your gear together, they hit you with the next ‘It’s not over yet thank you‘.

Why on earth would anybody use their Valor to upgrade items now, unless you are that 2% heroic progression raider type of person.

“How can we expect ilvl upgrading to affect the tuning of future raid tiers?
Philosophically we want raids to be more about progression and less about instant catch up. (Source)
Going back to the old model where you have to progress linear through the raids from release of current expac?
That’s the plan. We have older Raid Finder tiers now to provide the necessary gear.”

Back to the Burning Crusade days I guess …

It’s a tricky situation, on one hand it’s cool, you are not skipping content, and therefor not really missing it, but on the other hand, it really sucks for people with lots of characters. Which is a common recurring things in Mists of Pandaria it seems.

“Patch 5.2 is coming Soon™ and will include a large and more traditional raid tier. It has been a while since we had a raid zone that was as large as Ulduar or Icecrown Citadel. Blizzard will talking about what will be in it and how many bosses soon!”

That’s nice, I really liked Icecrown Citadel. I loved the whole epic feeling the entire raid radiated. Curious how they will bring this to life in Pandaria.

As of lately, I have not been playing many alt characters. Every day I try to do something different on my main character, my Priest. Some days I do my Shado-Pan dailies like a good little puppet, other days I just do my fishing dailies, or I try to finish up on side-quests.

And I like this play style better. Like I said earlier, Mists of Pandaria is not alt friendly, and will burn you out real fast if you are trying to play catch up on all your characters.


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