I’m confused and awesome at the same time

Say what dude?

Say what dude?

So what is his answer? Because with this guy, you really can’t say. His answers are often loaded with either sarcasm or hidden insults. And why is he calling people that solo queue normal battlegrounds noobs? This guy needs a vacation.

And lets throw in some happy news to:

“Main-hand and off-hand items will be allowed to be transmogrified with each other, as well as any weapons that use the same animation. Things like staves and polearms, the one handed axes, maces and swords, and the two handed axes, maces and swords.”

That’s awesome! Finally I will be able to ‘equip’ a 1 handed sword as a Priest, and no longer an ugly looking 1 handed mace that always seems to look like a bowling ball on a stick.

Damage is overrated anyway.

We queue for a random heroic every day. To get the nice 80 Valor Points. And often we get a party of fresh heroic ready players. Then you get this on a boss fight:

Damage is highly overrated anway

It’s a long way, to the top, lalala …

And sometimes it’s good to have a Shadow Priest in your group.

The healer is sleeping or something, the tank doesn’t notice, moves on and starts the fight, thereby starting the scripted event which leads to the doors closing (Temple o/t Jade Serpent Heroic).

Result: Boss fight without a healer.

I’m like, darn, better use some mana to heal the tank. Which turned out to be a shit load of mana. That fight can drag out a long time, because of the boss going immune on your ass and making copies of everyone. Add the very expensive heals as a Shadow Priest, and well, you get the idea.

I noticed early on I would not have enough mana to keep everyone up, especially with the DOT the boss (Sha of Doubt) throws on random players.

So that left the tank, my buddy Rikky, who was our main DPS cannon and the other DPS player. At a certain point, after using pretty much everything I had to keep getting some mana, I told Rikky I was going to let the Pandaren Monk player die to save on mana, and that I would let myself die as soon as I ran out of mana, and that he should throw a combat rezz on me immediately after. Why? Because when you recieve a combat rezz from a Warlock, you return to life with 20% mana.

After that, I managed to keep Rikky and the tank up without a problem, and we got the kill. Yeeha for Shadow Priesthood.



6 thoughts on “I’m confused and awesome at the same time

      • Paladins can’t do it as well as an spriest – our mana is severely limited now unless in Holy. All you have is Hand of Sacrifice, Lay on Hands, a couple of FH and WoG hits and maybe Sacred Shield if you specced it, with SoI and DS to keep yourself going.

        A good pally can save a bad pull, but not heal an entire fight. Apparently ret healing in arena was something to behold until the recent hybrid PvP power nerfs, though.

        Something interesting though… you can generally tell who’s been doing scenarios, because as soon as there’s no healer they start using personals. πŸ˜€

          • If you play with healing frames by default – VuhDo or Healbot – you can have it set up so that it shows when players are using their own personal defensive cooldowns, as opposed to raid or external, which are provided as short-duration group buffs and short-duration targetted buffs from other players respectively. eg. Deterrence would be a personal, Pain Suppression would be an external, and Devotion Aura would be a raid cooldown.

            Most players in 5-mans didn’t seem to know where their personals are in their spellbook, usually relying on the healer to save them with externals or by simply healing through it. Nowadays though if there’s no healer my bars seem to light up quite magically with the sight of all those lost abilities. Previously this would have meant raiders in the party, but I have a feeling that scenarios have done their part to make at least some deeps more aware of teir survivability options.

            • Ahhh I see. Excellent observation. Although my experiences are different. When I queue for scenarios, I often have to flash heal group members, people just zerging into a pack of mobs, only to see them take a beating. I’ve received quite a few ‘tyty’ lately for healing people in a scenario πŸ™‚

              But you are right, the scenarios are an awesome playground to use all of your abilities.

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