Who’s loving their panda?

I have a little Pandaren Monk (lvl 28) inside of me, somewhere deep. He’s cute, and cuddly, and fluffy. And he’s also a healer. Green laserbeams all over the place. And that’s it.

It also kinda sucks. The healing is boring, not exciting. But I never run out of mana. Never ever. It’s infinite.

They say it gets better at higher levels. I tend to believe it. But I can’t put up with the green laserbeams anymore. I much prefer Druid healing. As a tree. It’s awesome. Granted it’s also green, but flowery and hippie-like.

But I can’t stand Kalimdor, or Eastern Kingdoms. I’ve done it all a million times.

Would I use a ‘Buy premade level 90 character‘ thing on the Blizzard store? Oh god yes. In a nanosecond. Will it ever be implemented? I don’t think so. Although that would be an awesome moneymaker for Blizzard.

The ‘You won’t learn your class that way’ argument has no merit here. I know people first hand that have been playing their class for years and still don’t have a clue. Actually, I even told someone recently about their summon party member ability , and that someone was level 80.


2 thoughts on “Who’s loving their panda?

  1. Dude, go back to your rogue!

    Yes, I know is not the best season to play a rogue, but now is more challenging.
    I start with rogue in Vanilla and I deleted it on early TBC due to argues with on IRL friend. I made on shadow priest then and I was a PvE hero like you until the end Cataclysm, but all the time I miss my rogue .
    So meanwhile in TBC I made a rogue again for PvP reason, I played all arena season, switching specs as required due to the implementation, from Hemo Sword in TBC, Mutilate Preparation in Wrath and Subtlety in Cataclysm when I made the second one. I have one blood elf female rogue and one human female rogue, both 90 (double agent achievement :)) because for me is the only class .

    Now MoP has arrived, and rogue is in bad shape, more squishy then before, too much AoE, CC, snares in game and your uptime on target is severely gimped because of its. You cannot stay on toy toy with others classes because any other class will kill you easily. A lot of QQ on forums, big rogues players from the past quits or rerolled for one flavor of the season class Warrior or Hunter. Iโ€™m very sad when one good rogue renounce to play.

    So why to play a rogue now? Really? What will be WoW without rogues?
    You need to be stubborn to play a rogue and pay off will come. I know this will be late, but fortunately rogues scale really well with gear.
    When I started PvP in MOP, the only class I can kill was other rogues and believe me I saw many bad rogues. But with added gear the things has begun to change. Now with 3 Malevolent pieces, upgraded honor gear and two PvE daggers upgraded to 471, I fill more confident in PvP.

    Regarding the spec, forget about subtlety, is only for 3v3, you have good energy regeneration and good burst, but weak damage outside of dance. For 2v2 I changed to assassination, deadly poison and venomous wound will rape trough players regardless the armor type, mutilate have double chance to apply poisons and mastery help a lot. You have enough burst with shadow blade and vendetta.
    Talents picked:
    – no cost for abilities in stealth (mandatory for assassination, mutilate cost is 55 :P)
    – 50% less damage done after cheap shot or kidney shot for 6 seconds. (very good for mitigation)
    – cheat death is good in 5.1 ( I succeed alone to kill one frost DK and one shadow priest in one end arena, both with low health of course)
    – Shadow step (obvious )
    – no cost for gouge and blind and not break under your previous damage (very good for swaps) or paralytic poison which in 1v1 situation can be one I win RNG. Here depend on your combo and what you have in front, the second is good against melee
    – shuriken toss (is the only good here) after 5.1 is quite good and fortunately both poisons can be applied by it.

    Poisons: deadly poison ( 40-45% from your total damage depending on mastery) and crippling or paralytic.
    Glyphs: cheap shot (5s ), cloak of shadow (40% less physical damage), smoke bomb (two second increase duration)

    These are my choices for 2v2 arena. Play BG only for gear and try to stay calm inside, are full of bots or premade and doesnโ€™t really matter if you lose .

    I hope you will reconsider the rogue,
    Dark lady watch over you!



  2. Thanks for that passionate comment ๐Ÿ™‚ You truly have Rogue-blood running through your veins.

    You are so right about Rogue being in a bad position this season. And it’s lots of things that make Rogue so frustrating for me at the moment to play, especially in PVP.

    Everything about PVP is stun, CC and snare. And the sad part is, with the recent Blizzard addon to monitor CC, it’s even more apparant. As a Rogue, you will spend a lifetime out of control. And it is to much for me. Add to that the complete non updated Rogue mechanics, well, it’s a recepy for disaster in my opinion.

    I’ve tried to be stubborn, and I’ve tried to focus on ‘Well, if I get all the PVP gear then it will get better’ solution. But I just can’t stick it out. To much frustration.

    It was made even more clear when I started playing PVP on my Shadow Priest, with only 4 pieces of PVP gear (3 crafted and 1 HP item. On my Rogue I’m in full PVP gear). I wreck stuff on my Priest, and I only die when I get zerged, or when I’m facing a Warrior or similar who’s super PVP geared.

    When in trouble, fear, fear and then fear some more. No CC stun I use as a Priest makes me loose resources or DPS. As a Rogue, you are punished on the energy and damage front for using your main stuns (cheap and kidney).

    I did try Assassination a while in PVP, and I did notice that as long as I didn’t do wacky things like going solo versus Warrior gods or similar, I could get people down pretty fast. Which was a big surprise for me. But again, the current nature of everything in PVP is so anti Rogue, I guess it takes a real Rogue-blooded person like yourself to endure the agony.

    I truly admire you, for being so passionate about your class. I even envy you a little.

    My Rogue is certainly not forgotten, and it won’t be deleted any time soon. I even have hopes after reading some of Ghostcrawlers tweets where he said they would take a look at the Rogue talents. But I’m cautious ๐Ÿ™‚

    Again, thanks for the passionate comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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