Strange items and more fun

Upon doing my fishing dailies in Kara Wilds I stumbled across this weird looking crabby elite mob called Damlak. Being the good pewpew I am I nuked the living crap out of it, and got myself some weird loot.

Loot I've actually read, you can count it on one hand.

Loot I’ve actually read, you can count it on one hand.

play-loot-epixxSo there it was, a piece of paper telling me to look out for 6 high priority targets. Oh boy, the fun only just started. So I was out for a tour in Pandaria, searching all the zones for these elite mobs to kill.

And I happened to finish this achievement as well, wiii meee

And I happened to finish this achievement as well, wiii meee

After killing all the elites I had to combine all their clams, and got this Clamshell Band item, that would summon an even more badass crab creature.

The complete and utter disappointment was the loot I got from this evil crab-dude. A 450 ilvl fist weapon. That was all … boohoo. Not even a T shirt or nothing. Well, at least I still have the memories.

I kill every elite I see, and sometimes you get the real stuff

I kill every elite I see, and sometimes you get the real stuff

During all this incredible fun I managed to sneak in some PVP Priest action, only to be reminded that random battlegrounds are in fact, not so random.

Premades suck!

Premades suck!

Notice what I mean? 8 Alliance dudes from the same server / guild. Blizzard should really rename random BGs to not so random BGS. Ok, they made a statement earlier about this problem, and I guess we’ll have to see how they plan to fix this. But until then, PVP is bleh. Oh, and I’m not keen on FOTM combo Arena either.


5 thoughts on “Strange items and more fun

  1. Dude, that disappointing fist weapon is worth it for the comments on the Wowhead page alone!

    “All that I am: shell, claw, vengeance – I bestow upon you, my chosen crawdad. I have granted you immortality so that you may herald in a new, dark age for Outland’s Anglers.

    Gaze now upon the lands above our waters, The Pet Collectors scurry to capture you, while Old Man Barlo stands defiantly against us – a blemish upon these waters. They must all be shown the price of their defiance.

    Rise now, Mr.Pinchy, and call forth the Wrath of the Pinch King!”

    “Be aware that once you kill the Pinch King and loot Lobstmourne, you will have to remain forever on his little island, ruling over the sea and your army of terrible crabs.*
    * Well you don’t have to. But you probably should.”

    “There must always be… A Pinch King.”

    I also love this comment string:

    1. Pity this is BoP, I reckon I’d shell out an arm’s worth for this.

    2. Shell out? I see what you did there.

    3. don’t you mean “I sea what you did there” ?

    4. Whale done sir, Whale done.

    5. A couple of these comments are sort of fishy, but I guess they’ll do in a pinch.

    6. I can’t believe you blowholes are resulting to these kinds of puns.

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