New raids and old raids

My Shadowy Priest is finally able to do all the raids in LFR, and I have to say, I really love the final part, the last one. Where you meet with the Sha of Anger or something, he’s really big, and huge, and shadowy, and mad.

And also easy to do. Like, totally.

He big and bad and pissed of

He big and bad and pissed of

And me and some guildies also did a couple of old raids yesterday, for fun and remembrance and doing guildy stuff again.

WoWScrnShot_120712_223931Onyxia was up first, and she went down fast. Boy did she.
And we also tried Tempest Keep, which we never done before, ever, and we euhm, certainly did NOT die at the end of the raid due to not having someone able to equip the dagger to break the mindcontrol. Aheum …

And then we cleared Naxxramas, one of my favorite raids from days long gone. It’s huge and has a super demon atmosphere. Me like. And I got the Charmed Cierge staff this time, which is a wicked looking thing to have.



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